Oct 20

Leadership Panel Touts Connection and Innovation

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As the contingent of women in industry leadership continues to grow, the women in those roles have advice for those seeking them: Never underestimate the importance of connections. Innovation goes beyond technology. And always seek stepping stones early in your career.

A panel of muiltfamily executives discussed these concepts on Episode 1 of Entrata Connect in a session moderated by Entrata Industry Principal Virigina Love, one of the industry’s most capable leaders since 1992. continue

Oct 20

A New Wave of Leadership Trends in Multifamily

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It is no secret that the multifamily industry has had to modify its approach, adjust processes, readjust them and continue to seek outside-the-box solutions during the pandemic. 

In times of turmoil, strong and agile leadership has never been more vital.  continue

Oct 20

AI, Automation, and the Human XP

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A large component of the human experience typically consists of a steady routine. Then came 2020. 

Our current human experience is largely unprecedented, as parents attempt to juggle full-time jobs with teaching responsibilities, virtual workplaces are the norm and many conferences, concerts and public events indefinitely postponed. 

For those juggling multiple responsibilities in unconventional ways, the time crunch is real. That’s where the apartment world can help by making things as simple as possible for those managing multiple responsibilities. For instance, imagine working from home, teaching from home, rescheduling events, making an extra effort to keep your family safe—and having to search for a new home on top of everything.  continue

Sep 20

What to Expect at Entrata Connect

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Have you registered yet for Entrata Connect? If not, what are you waiting for? We’re excited to connect with you in October, and just in case you need more encouragement, here’s a quick peek at what we’re putting together for you: continue

Sep 20

Using Technology to Navigate an Increasingly Complex Online Marketplace

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It’s 2020, and prospective renters are overwhelmingly searching for their next apartment online. It seems like only a few years ago when apartment marketers began talking about the day when digital marketing would take its rightful place at the heart of multifamily marketing strategy. That day is here.

But as the online apartment marketplace flourishes, it has also grown increasingly complex in both scale and strategy. Gone are the days when a property manager could update a handful of internet listing services with available units and call it good. Today’s digital marketers must master multiple platforms, deliver consistent branding across dozens of websites, and measure absolutely everything in order to adjust marketing spend. Keeping up with constantly changing requirements for Google My Business, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and dozens of ILS sites is no easy task, especially when you’re also working to manage the implications of in-person tours and leasing processes in a world that has made the shift to virtual for nearly every transaction. continue

Sep 20

Screen Your Screening Tool

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The Key Components of a Verification Platform

Leasing teams spend the bulk of their time aiming to attract residents to their communities. But equally important is making certain that those prospective residents will live up to the terms of their lease. 

Tedious background checks have always been a not-so-exciting part of the leasing process, and they can become more frustrating when necessary information is ambiguous or unavailable. That’s why an increasing number of property management teams are opting for third-party verification services. 

It’s a forward-thinking approach, but not all verification platforms are built the same. Apartment operators should vet screening solutions and make certain the platform they choose offers trustworthy screening results and an advanced level of screening intelligence. 

Here are some of the features apartment operators should seek when considering potential verification solutions:  continue

Aug 20

Recognizing Apartment Onsite Teams

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Through the last few months, as the apartment rental industry has faced unpredictable challenges, we’ve seen onsite teams leap into action. On top of their day-to-day workflows, they’ve suddenly found themselves facilitating local social distancing ordinances, dropping off groceries for quarantined residents, implementing technologies for contactless leasing, and keeping their communities running smoothly in a chaotic, ever-changing world. The women and men at the front-lines of multifamily have been instrumental in keeping their residents safe and their companies profitable despite unprecedented challenges. continue

Aug 20

Trinity’s Transition to ResidentVerify Has Been a Win

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Online reviews often scathe apartment operators for lack of transparency about upfront fees. Trinity Property Consultants never wants to be on the receiving end of that complaint. The Irvine, Calif.-based apartment operator, which manages student and conventional apartment communities, even has a term that shows its commitment to upfront and honest online pricing: RENTsparency

 “We don’t want anyone to feel bamboozled,” said Carla Alicea, Vice President of Marketing and Training for Trinity. “We want to avoid wasting our Team Member’s time, and we never want to waste the applicant’s time and money on non-refundable application processing fees. 

 Alicea is serious about not wasting anyone’s time or money.  In order to make the online leasing process more transparent, Trinity set out to improve its applicant screening process. continue

Aug 20

Contactless Leasing Today & Tomorrow

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Prior to the pandemic, the leasing process was already shifting. While classic tours remained a staple, an increasing number of options were becoming available to prospects in the form of virtual, remote and self-guided tours. 

As the pandemic hit, those contactless options not only became more sought out—they became a necessity.  continue

Aug 20

ResidentPay in Canada

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We share a continent and a common language. And now the U.S. and Canada have one more thing in common. Entrata has announced the availability of ResidentPay online payments for our clients with Canadian properties.  continue