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The world is changing and you need software that's built to keep up. With Entrata Core you get modern software as well as an innovative, responsive technology partner.

  • Management

    Whether you need to quickly move in a resident, post transactions to the ledger, or automate your renewal offer process, Entrata provides everything you need to be more efficient.

    Mary Rose Pukas
    Westover Companies
    10,989 units

    "Core encompasses all the best Entrata software under one platform with one login on any browser of your choosing."

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  • Marketing

    Get in the drivers seat and take control of your pricing, reputation, and more. While driving more traffic to your site.

    Virginia Love
    Waterton Residential
    19,000 units

    "We partnered with Entrata early on because we knew we wanted to stack the cards in our favor."

  • Leasing

    Entrata Leasing Suite will simplify everything from lead management to screening to online signatures.

    Generate Leases
    80% Faster

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  • Residents

    Residents can pay rent online, submit maintenance requests, stay in touch with community events, get insured, pay utilities, track packages, and much more.

    Jamin Harkness
    Euramex Management Group
    8,862 units

    “We simplified our accounts receivable process and enhanced the composition of the leasing office.”

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