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Seamlessly manage inspections of every unit, building, and amenity with InspectionManager. With an easy-to-use interface and totally customizable setup, you can perform inspections for virtually anything you manage. Carry your tablet with you as you inspect a unit, upload pictures of trouble spots, and sign off digitally when you've completed the walkthrough.


Use your iPad, smartphone or tablet to perform inspections, make notes and take pictures of items that need attention.

  • Flexible execution

    Let either property staff or residents perform unit inspections with our mobile interface.

  • Digital signature

    Digitally sign the inspection with your finger.

  • ResidentPortal Mobile

    Allow residents to complete inspections on ResidentPortal Mobile.

  • Photos and

    Shoot and attach pictures and add notes while performing and inspection.

Automatic Work Orders

If anything requires service from maintenance during the inspection process, you can automatically create a work order that will go directly to the maintenance staff.

  • Actions for failed items

    Connect the correct action to failed items so that maintenance staff will have the best info.

  • Manual or automatic

    Create inspections automatically based on trigger events or a determined schedule, or manually as needed.

Resident Inspections

Now your residents can perform a move-in inspection on their smartphone or tablet and give you quick feedback on any areas that need attention.

Inspections notifications

Automatically notify residents of a pending inspection when they log in to ResidentPortal.

Mobile inspections

Let residents complete inspections on ResidentPortal Mobile.

Automatic work orders

Set up failed items to trigger automatic work order creation and delivery.

Make Ready Management

Seamlessly link inspections to the make ready process. Inspections are automatically linked and updated on the Make Ready Board.

  • Paper friendly

    Print your inspections or templates only as needed.

  • Inspection history review

    Search and display inspection history by resident and by unit.

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