Sep 15

Red Shoe Club Membership

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What does it mean to be an official member of the revamped Red Shoe Club?

Official Red Shoe Club Membership is reserved for the industry’s most fearless innovators and experts excited to be advocates for our brand. They’re on the front lines, wearing their red Vans, showing love and filling cyberspace with expert advice and the good word about our people and products.

Click Here to fill out a brief questionnaire to add your name to the official Red Shoe Club membership scrolls.

What does an official Red Shoe Club member actually do?

Red Shoe Club members have the shoes, walk the walk and talk the talk. However, official Red Shoe Club membership is reserved for those who want to shout their allegiance from the roof tops, share their industry advice with the multifamily world.

To maintain official status, members will be encouraged to provide testimonials and case studies, serve on panels, participate in webinars and/or contribute content to our company blog on a regular basis. In addition, official members will be asked to share their thoughts and experiences about our products on their own social networks and wear their red shoes proudly at industry trade shows and events.

What can a Red Shoe Club member expect to get out of this?

The Red Shoe Club has been revamped to offer its official members more perks, benefits and VIP treatment than ever before. In addition to a free pair of red vans, bragging rights and just downright legit cool points, Red Shoe Club members will receive the following perks:

How do I start reaping the benefits?

To add your name to the official Red Shoe Club member scrolls, you will need to click here to fill out a brief questionnaire. 

You will receive “official” membership points each time you shout your allegiance from the rooftops or share your industry expertise with the multifamily world. There are three tiers of “official” Red Shoe Club members that determine the kinds of perks you will receive:

Excellent Additions to the Party (100 points)

Members of this tier will receive Red Shoes (check), shoutouts on our Entrata social media channels, bragging rights and downright legit “cool” points.

One of the Joneses (500 points)

Members of this tier will receive all aforementioned perks in addition to two VIP gifts (sent mid-year and at Christmas) and a VIP keynote meet and greet at the Entrata Summit.

The Real Deal (1000+ points)

Members will receive, in addition to all other perks, Entrata Summit discounts (starting in 2016), special event invites, gifts at major industry events and a limited edition “Real Deal” t-shirt.

Here’s how you start racking up the points:

Add “Entrata Software” on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and Google+ (15 points)

Send an email to redshoeclub@entrata.com to confirm your adds and receive 15 points per channel you add.

Wear Your Red Vans at Industry Events (15 points)

Take a picture and post it to social media tagging @EntrataSoftware with #RedShoeClub and the event hashtag to receive 15 points per post.

Shout Your Entrata Praises (50 points)

Post your thoughts on social media or send us a testimonial to redshoeclub@entrata.com to receive 50 points per channel. Don’t forget to tag @EntrataSoftware to get credit for your declaration of allegiance.

Participate in an Interview for an Entrata Case Study or Press Release (200 points)

Our team will do the heavy lifting. All you will need you to do is answer a few questions about your experience with our software to receive 200 points per interview. If you’d like to participate, send us an email at redshoeclub@entrata.com.

Share your Industry Expertise as a RentSauce Blog Contributor or Entrata Summit or Webinar Panelist (300 points)

Blog contributors will be asked to write a 600-800 word blog entry on a multifamily industry topic of choice to be featured on our RentSauce.com blog. Entrata panelists will be asked to contribute based on topic relevance. If you’re interested in spreading your wisdom, send us an email at redshoeclub@entrata.com. Receive 300 points for each RentSauce article you write or panel in which you participate.