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Empowering Teams for Success

Entrata recently hosted a webinar featuring experts in training and onboarding in the multifamily industry to discuss the importance of training in creating a culture of growth.

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Drive Resident Satisfaction and Revenue - Offer Rent Reporting

One of the biggest problems owners and operators face each day and one that takes up a lot of time and mental energy of site staff is late or delinquent payments. However, when there’s an incentive for paying rent on time, like building credit.

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Best Practices for Building a Positive Online Presence for Your Properties

Online reviews are a numbers game. It’s about recency, frequency, quality and quantity of reviews. To help illustrate this, think about the following scenario. Would you rather rent from a property that has a 5-star rating and only a handful of reviews

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Resident Experts with Daniel Berlind

Entrata recently hosted Daniel Berlind, a real estate executive and the CEO of Snappt, a data driven, fraud detection software that helps prevent financial fraud in the multifamily housing industry, as part of our Resident Experts Series.

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Why Offering Rent Credit Reporting Improves Resident Experience

While the number of people renting by choice continues to grow, there are still some downsides. Primary among them is not being able to build economic value by paying rent. For those that want to move on to an owned property and have the opportunity

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How to Use AI in the Multifamily Industry

Anyone who has used ChatGPT or Bard knows all you need to do is provide a prompt asking what type of content you want, what tone you want, length, what the topic is, and it spits out what you asked for.

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