Oct 21

Entrata’s Virginia Love Named as a Multifamily Influencer

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Entrata is proud to tell the world that our very own industry principal, Virginia Love, has been named a 2021 Multifamily Influencer by GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum. She is profiled in the publication’s October issue and recognized on GlobeSt.com, as well as in the website’s email newsletters. Virginia is our second team member to be named to the list. President Chase Harrington was named a Multifamily Influencer in 2019 continue

Oct 21

Bring Billing Home

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For property managers, a solid tech platform consolidates marketing, leasing, and resident management functions to cut out redundant data-entry, streamline workflows, and consolidate data for better reporting. But even in a world of single-platform solutions, a few property management workflows often remain stubbornly apart. 

Utility billing is one example, with many properties relying on third-party billing services to facilitate utility billing, maximize recapture, and decrease delinquencies. Unfortunately, this often means efficiencies are lost.  continue

Oct 21

The Art of the Pivot

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Entrata’s Virginia Love Featured in Apartmentalize Session

The tech revolution gradually made the apartment industry more adaptable to change. It’s a good thing, too, because multifamily teams have never had to adjust more than they did last year in a suddenly contactless world. 

Had the pandemic arrived, say, 15 years earlier, operators and onsite teams would have had considerable difficulty modifying their set-in-place, non-tech-savvy ways. But modernized apartment professionals have experience beta testing new tech, instituting rollout plans and modifying processes on the fly to make them more efficient. 

That experience has proved invaluable through the early and current stages of the pandemic and has enabled teams to navigate through the chaos as efficiently as possible. A panel of experts, moderated by Entrata Industry Principal Virginia Love, recently discussed ways the industry has deftly altered its approach in the Apartmentalize 2021 session Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick: The Art of Pivot.  continue

Oct 21

Fraud: A Growing Threat to the Property Management Industry

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Fraud attempts across industries in the US are up an average of 25% this year, and according to a recent study conducted by Entrata, the property management industry is feeling the impact of this rise in fraudulent activity. The survey findings reveal rapid growth in the number of fraud attempts and increased concern about the impact these cases are having on operations. The results provide a unique view into the types of fraud plaguing the industry, the frequency of such attempts, and shed light on ways new technology may help combat these issues. continue

Sep 21

What’s Next in Apartment Touring?

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Entrata’s Trevor Riley Shares Wisdom at Apartmentalize 2021

Now that 2020 has firmly underscored the idea that an agent-led tour isn’t the only option, it’s safe to say that processes surrounding apartment touring will be ever evolving. 

A myriad of tour options now exist, and communities across the nation are trying to determine the approach that best attracts renters at their particular locale. Trevor Riley, senior vice president of product for Entrata, discussed the various tour types and morphing renter preferences at the Apartmentalize 2021 session What’s Next in Apartment Touring? continue

Sep 21

It’s All In the Platform

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Your favorite team is playing and you want to check the results of the game. Do you log onto one site to check the score? Then you go to another to check the stats for each team? Then would you visit yet another to read a recap of the game? 

Of course not! Why put yourself through such a cumbersome process when sites are available with all of that information at the ready. Yet that’s essentially what many onsite teams are doing when they toggle through disparate systems to manage various steps of the leasing process.  continue

Jul 21

Pace of Innovation: Falling Behind is Not an Option

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The awesome and the maddening thing about technology is that it never stops evolving. Just when it seems that you have the latest, most cutting-edge tech features in place, something comes along to further push the envelope. 

That trend has been further exacerbated over the past 18 months and shows no signs of slowing. For apartment operators, it has become increasingly paramount to keep pace with the rapidly changing technological landscape. Falling behind, naturally, means playing catch-up. And if you’re playing catch-up, it means your competition has the advantage.  continue

Jul 21

Onsite Teams: The Real MVPs

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Tech receives a lot of credit for helping the apartment industry get through the pandemic. That’s fair, but speaking as a tech provider, we’re going to put ourselves in the honorable mention category.  Why? Because onsite teams have been the true MVPs of the past year and a half—and it’s not even close.

For 18 months plus, we’ve observed as onsite teams held communities together through the most difficult period the industry has ever experienced. In what became a contactless environment in an era of social distancing, they put a human face on their communities and bridged the gap for prospects who still had to find a new home during the unconventional madness.  continue

Jun 21

Entrata Connect: Dan Levy, Man of the Moment

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He went from hosting Saturday Night Live to speaking at Entrata Connect. Natural next step, right?

We kid, naturally. But it’s fair to say few personalities elicit the immediate buzz of Dan Levy, who gained notoriety as the co-creator and lead actor in the ultra-popular Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek, which recently wrapped up its sixth and final season. 

The success and well-intentioned nature of Schitt’s Creek have resulted in a meteoric rise in Levy’s popularity, which has been a bit of an adjustment for the 37-year-old. Levy co-created the show with his father and longtime actor Eugene Levy (he’s the “too cool” dad in the American Pie movie series). 

In a candid discussion with Entrata industry principal Virginia Love as part of Entrata Connect, Levy discussed a wide range of topics, including his reaction to the SNL invite, how he “forced” his way onto the Canadian version of a popular British baking show and things Entrata should keep in mind when entering the Canadian market.  continue

Jun 21

Entrata Connect: Smart Home Partnerships

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The secret is out—renters are keen on smart home capabilities. What used to be a luxury feature is now an expectation.

More than 80% of renters say they want an apartment with smart home amenities, and more than 60% are willing to pay a monthly fee for a voice-activated virtual assistant. But part of the allure of a smart home apartment is the seamless experience that accompanies it. 

As such, Entrata has partnered with numerous smart home providers to further elevate the connected home experience for property teams and residents alike. 

“When residents demand change—which, let’s face it, happens pretty much every day—we think it’s important to have technology partners who can adapt quickly,” Entrata President and Chief Operating Officer Chase Harrington said during Entrata Connect Episode 2. “We’ve been working with the multifamily industry for several years to help figure out how to make smart communities a reality.” continue