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Entrata Acquires Colleen AI to Usher in New Era of Autonomous Property Management

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Top multifamily use cases for predictive analytics

Discover how predictive analytics can revolutionize your work in the multifamily industry. Learn about the top use cases that will optimize efficiency and boost your bottom line.

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Resident Experts with Travis Honaker

Entrata President Chase Harrington recently sat down with Travis Honaker, Product Development Manager in the multifamily division of Fannie Mae, to discuss the benefits of positive rent payment reporting.

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Protect Your Properties from Application Fraud with These 6 Tactics

Fraud is a growing concern for property owners and managers. With the rise of digital applications and sophisticated fraudulent tactics, it's more important than ever to be vigilant. But exactly how common is fraud in the multifamily industry?

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Optimizing Multifamily Operations: Balancing Revenue and Expenses

Property managers face growing pressure to cut costs and boost revenue. Industry leaders recently discussed how to leverage technology and operational efficiency to overcome these challenges. Read for insights on adapting to the changing landscape.

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Overcoming Affordable Housing Challenges

Learn how to overcome the challenges of affordable housing, such as high expenses, regulations, and stigma. Technology can simplify operations, lower costs, and increase efficiency through centralized operations.

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Mastering Tech in Multifamily: Insights from Property Management Pros

Learn from professionals in the multifamily industry on how to facilitate your company's success with technology by mastering trust, client needs, suppliers, training, and implementation.

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