Verification of Income

Digital verification of income uses data directly from the source—banks. It saves time, reduces fraud, and improves the applicant experience. In short, it’s just better.

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Fraud evolves

We’ve built a secure process to verify resident’s income within the application, giving you a well-oiled machine to detect fraudsters.

  • Save time using Finicity data
  • Eliminate the paper chase
  • Improve the applicant experience
  • Only pay for screening when residents use it

Helps reduce fraud

Digital verifications come straight from the source with bank validated data. There’s no altering or editing of documents. Applicant name and address can also be verified via bank connection.

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Faster validation of applicant information

With digital verifications, you can validate an applicant’s information almost instantaneously. A digital report allows you to pull updated information from multiple institutions at the click of a button limiting the number of second requests.

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"We wouldn't be able to function without Entrata's Income Verification product on some of our sites. If someone truly stole someone else's identity, PreciseID isn't enough to screen and catch them, but Income Verification does. It ties the name to a bank, direct deposits, revenue streams, etc... It has literally changed our demographic in some of our buildings in the last 6 months."

-Nikki Chambers, Director of Systems & Training

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