Student Revenue Management

Maximize property performance, ROI, and rate publishing with a first-of-its-kind revenue management solution.

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What is Revenue Management?

Built from the ground up for student communities

Real-Time Insights
Holistic Portfolio Tracking
By-the-Bed Pricing
Real time insights showing what's happening at any point
Track velocity and performance metrics in real time, and easily see where you stand with your pre-leasing goals.
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Holistic data to determine portfolio performance
Owners and operators can quickly see which properties need extra support and which ones are hitting revenue goals.
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By the bed pricing offers the best rate for every contract signed.
Establish per-bed rates so you can optimize occupancy and revenue. See how each available bed is performing and adjust rates accordingly.
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"Entrata has addressed that stone age way of doing things by providing a tool that allows for real-time data collection and real time analysis."

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Revenue management made simple

With Entrata’s proprietary algorithm, optimize your pricing strategy like never before.

Fill more beds

Find the best price for each bed available. Work toward your pre-lease goals, and track your progress.

    Built for student communities

    You deserve a solution that’s been developed specifically for student operators. No need to reconfigure a multifamily solution.

      Optimal rate suggestions

      Factor in each communities’ needs, and leverage accurate data and machine learning to receive optimal rate suggestions.

        Differentiate your business

        Take advantage of this best-in-class solution to optimize revenue and set yourself apart from the competition.

        • Solution Consulting
        • Machine Learning Algorithm
        • Competitive Insights
        • Instant Rate Publishing

        We're leading out on redefining property management

        Experience the new standard

        Save time and manage your properties with flexibility. Join thousands of other operators.

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