Sales Tax Audits

Discover refunds for overpayments and make sure your community is charged the lowest sales tax rate allowed for utilities.

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Never be overcharged again

While the state may owe you a refund, you still need to file for the funds. Our partners at American Utility Tax & Audit (AUTA) make the process easy.

Beyond expense management

Procuring better utility rates is only half the battle. Most companies forget to ensure the sales tax you've been charged is correct. We'll make sure it happens.

    Refunds in hours, not days

    Refunds and future savings can be determined in as few as two hours. Some states even allow refunds for inappropriate tax charges up to 10 years ago!

      Only pay for what you get

      Properties can send a copy of a recent utility bill to AUTA and get a free sales tax audit. You’ll only pay if refunds are found.

        Accurate invoice analysis

        We dive deep into your utility invoices and past sales tax rates, making sure your community is charged the lowest possible sales tax rate on all utilities going forward. All audits are conducted according to each state’s utility guidelines.

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