There's no need to delay decisions while waiting for a third-party screening service. ResidentVerify folds applicant screening smoothly into your leasing process.

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What is ResidentVerify?

Hassle free resident screening

Handle resident screening without having to send applicants to another site. With multiple screening options, choose whatever criteria best fits your workflow.

Automated workflows

Offer your applicants a self-service experience that gets them to the lease signing faster with speedy screening.

    Worry free compliance

    Reduce risk of compliance violations with screening that applies your criteria consistently.

      Fraud protection

      Remove the burden of time-consuming manual verification processes from onsite teams and take advantage of the thousands of data sources available.

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        Native screening process

        ResidentVerify’s screening process is native to ProspectPortal’s online application. Applicants only have to enter their data once, and application fees are collected before any screening takes place. You both save time, and you never have to worry about missing fees.

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        Powerful, flexible customization

        Flexible screening options allow you to select the criteria that best fits your communities’ needs. You can set the parameters that determine whether applicants should be approved, approved with conditions, or denied, and know that your criteria will be applied consistently. With options like Precise ID and Income Verification, you get flexibility, power, and control.

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