All-inclusive reputation management software with a unique, easy-to-use interface allows properties to manage social media accounts, as well as monitor, respond to, and publish reviews.

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Centralized reputation management

Solutions that seamlessly interact with your lead management and resident systems.

Increased awareness

ReputationAdvisor pulls all of your online reviews into a single dashboard so you don’t miss any conversations happening online. Add the ability to track reviews over time with reporting capabilities that help you identify strengths and weaknesses.

    Strategic support

    Configure ReputationAdvisor to match your existing engagement strategies by defining positive and negative reviews based on your criteria, not someone else’s generic rules. Use the system to make it easy for team members to respond to and resolve issues within your guidelines.

      Brand clarity

      Ensure your brand voice is clear and consistent across social media platforms. ReputationAdvisor lets you schedule social media posts in advance for holidays and special events, or you can schedule regular recurring posts. Permissioned access helps you manage who should or should not post to your properties’ accounts.

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        Review management dashboard

        See reviews from across the web in one place. Identify review status (unread, read, reply posted, etc.) at a glance, log actions and add notes, and archive old reviews once issues are resolved.

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        Daily updates and multi-property reporting

        ReputationAdvisor pulls reviews from sites all over the web, including Yelp, Google, and and adds them to your dashboard within 24 hours so you can address concerns in a timely manner. Give executives and owners a robust overview of reputation management and social media engagement strategies with reporting options that can highlight individual properties or show portfolio-wide trends.

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        Response tools and social posting

        Not only does ReputationAdivsor allow you to indicate which reviews have received a reply and which are awaiting action, you can respond directly to any reviews on the Entrata Platform and link directly to reviews posted on third-party sites to respond. Post to all of your social media platforms from a central location. Track, schedule, and set recurring posts as needed.

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