Job Costing

Tied directly to Entrata’s AP system, Job Costing ensures renovations and new construction projects are the least of your worries.

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Track, measure, and complete jobs faster

Understand how many units have been renovated, the status of designated units, and the cost of each renovation. Then calculate ROI for investment partners.

Efficient workflows

Organize and manage purchase orders, invoices, journal entries, draw requests, contracts, and payments in one system.

    Flexible setup

    Customize cost codes, categories, and job types to meet each operator’s processes. Break down budgets into phases by property location down to unit level.

      Worry-free automation

      See what renovations are happening in each unit. Units that become available are automatically updated on the leasing side and show what renovations were made.

        "Job costing allows for flexibility when you want to track not only specific jobs, but it allows for the flexibility to deal with atypical scenarios, which is a big benefit."

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        Cost codes

        Set up job cost codes and categories so they work with your processes. Organize purchase orders, journal entries, draw requests, and payments throughout the job.

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        Seamless integrations

        No more uploading and downloading between applications, logging in to multiple platforms, or entering data manually. Make your project’s financial information easy to access.

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