Deposit Alternative

Instead of paying a security deposit, your residents pay a small monthly insurance premium.

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Make moving in more affordable

By replacing security deposits with Deposit Alternative, you make your property easier to move into and more competitive.

Ancillary revenue

Residents pay their own premiums every month, and your properties share in the revenue.

    Claims stay in your system

    Keep the entire offering within your property management system, so your onsite teams can focus on converting leads.

      More coverage

      Deposit Alternative policies provide 50% more coverage than a traditional security deposit.

        One Click Claim Submission product visual

        One-click claim submission

        No more back-and-forth emails or API connections with third-party carriers. Keep claims within your native system.

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        Reduce lead-to-lease friction

        By offering an alternative to deposits, you earn ancillary revenue and make your properties more attractive to residents.

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        In lease sign up

        Elevate onsite teams and residents

        Give residents a more affordable move-in experience without distracting your onsite teams.

        • Seamless leasing integration
        • True insurance policy
        • Flexible monthly payments
        • More coverage
        • No cost to you
        • Ancillary revenue

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