Product Updates

Entrata's latest release enhances the operating system with greater flexibility for operators who manage properties across multiple verticals, more insight into market trends to maximize property performance, and improved usability and reduced friction for site teams.

February 2023

Entrata Affordable

Entrata Affordable augments Entrata’s industry-leading property management platform with tools to help make complex affordable housing challenges manageable. With intuitive affordable housing management workflows, it’s designed with a clear and easy-to-read interface, built-in logic, and valuable automations to save time at both the corporate and property level.

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Student Revenue Management

Entrata’s Student Revenue Management is a first-of-its-kind pricing solution developed specifically for student operators. Taking into account the competitive landscape and the unique needs of student communities, it provides a suggested optimal rent rate to help operators maximize community performance, efficiency, and revenue.

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Key Features & Enhancements

New Quick Search

The quick search menu now provides more efficient ways to find information within the system, with up to eight categories available to display search results.

Merge Fields

Merge Field settings will no longer be managed at the packet level. Instead, you can manage them at the company level in the "Merge Field (New)" tab. This will allow you to set company default values and merge field settings while still allowing exceptions to be created for properties as needed.

One Tap Pay

Residents with a saved payment method can now see a summarized payment screen with pre-selected amounts and simply tap once to pay.

Rentable Items

A rentable item is now marked as "rented" when the application it's attached to reaches the application status you've designated in the “Change Unit and Rentable Item Status to Rented When” setting. This automates the process that determines which prospect gets to lease a rentable item.

Resident Energy Sign-Up (TX)

Resident Energy Sign-Up is live in deregulated markets in Texas. It can help you reduce utility theft for electricity by allowing residents to sign up for utilities as part of the leasing process.

Unit Assignment: SGT

Units can be designated for self-guided tours, so leasing agents don't need to manually make assignments. Unit assignment can either be automated or designated for self-selection by the prospect.

Social Media Permissions

When adding Facebook and/or Instagram accounts to your property listing, Entrata now shows you the different permissions you have for those accounts (e.g., whether you can post, view analytics, respond to reviews, etc.).

ResidentInsure in App

ResidentInsure is now available directly within the ResidentPortal App. This will allow your residents to easily upload or edit rental insurance right from their mobile devices.

Journal Entry Approvals

Accounting users can now view a dashboard that lists all journal entries that are pending approval.

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