Product Updates

Entrata's latest release enhances the operating system with tools to help drive property efficiency and elevate the resident experience. This release brings new products and expanded AI capabilities, along with improved usability and reduced friction across the entire platform.

February 2024

Entrata Layered Intelligence

Entrata Layered Intelligence is an Artificial Intelligence (Al) and Machine Learning (ML) layer built right into the Entrata Operating System. Its innovative models improve workflows, analysis, and actions within the Entrata platform. Entrata Layered Intelligence completes time-consuming tasks for you, so you can focus on more important interactions.

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Entrata Layered Intelligence - AI efficiency across the entire resident lifecycle.

Bill Pay

Make payments fast and easy with Entrata Bill Pay. Seamless workflows, built directly into the Entrata operating system, process your vendor payments securely and efficiently. With multiple payment options to choose from, you can ensure that vendors get paid with their preferred payment method.

Key features & enhancements

AI Emails

You can now generate resident emails in a few seconds. Just enter a simple prompt and watch as Entrata Layered Intelligence does the labor-intensive legwork for you.

AI Review Responses

Entrata Layered Intelligence can generate responses to reviews left by prospects and residents on your various review sites. The AI will craft a response that addresses both the content and sentiment of the review.

AI Blog Posts

You can now use AI to write blog content. Entrata Layered Intelligence has been extensively pre-trained to compose marketing-type writing, which means AI-generated blogs will match the tone and intent you want your prospects and residents to experience.

Student Inventory Management

This new tool allows student properties to see and manage what is marketed to online prospects—in one place—without going into their pricing setup. Permissioned users can control whether visible pricing on their website displays as Available or Sold Out. Rates marked as sold out online will still be available for selection in Entrata by property staff.

Unit-Level Budgeting

The Advanced Budgeting product has been enhanced to allow for unit-level budgeting. This new functionality allows budgets to be set for each individual unit or space. Clicking on the unit number will provide additional details to aid in determining those budgets.

View Budget Updates

The transaction statuses that display for the purchase order actual and the invoice/journal entry actual have changed in the View Budget link. This allows users to more accurately track their budget when creating and approving transactions.

Customizing Contact Forms

When setting up the multi-contact bar, you can now include fields typically available only on the Guest Card. These options are available when setting up Chat Settings, Contact Form Settings, Schedule Tour Settings, and Contact Us Page. Making these fields available can help you filter leads much more quickly and easily.

Deposit Alternative

For residents who can’t afford a full cash deposit or are looking to save money, Deposit Alternative provides a new monthly payment option. Residents can save money by not paying a large upfront payment, and properties are protected because their enrolled units have coverage.

Credit Score in App

In addition to seeing their on-time rent payments recorded, residents enrolled in Rent Reporting can now also view their credit score directly in the Homebody app.

In-App Account Creation

Anyone that downloads the Homebody mobile app can now create an account and explore Homebody offerings prior to enrolling in a service.

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