Product Updates

Entrata's latest release enhances the operating system with tools to help drive property efficiency and elevate the resident experience. This release brings several new products along with improved usability and reduced friction across the entire platform.

October 2023

Entrata® Business Intelligence

Entrata BI provides customers with accurate and accessible visualized data that drives success at every level of business. Entrata’s tech tack, combined with user data, allows for a flexible and tailored experience. Customers will enjoy templated dashboards and an environment they can easily make their own.

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Homebody is a new resident services bundle from Entrata. With Homebody, you have one contract, one vendor integration, and one system report for your resident services. Your residents automatically get access to the Homebody app, where they can manage their account. And when contracted for any Homebody product, you’ll receive a monthly ancillary revenue report that shows how your properties are performing.

Entrata Academy

Entrata Academy is a new Learning Management System that provides engaging training courses. With Entrata Academy users can become proficient in managing day-to-day tasks within the platform, as well as earn certifications in different specialties.

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Key features & enhancements

Selectable Specials

Extensive updates have been made to increase the flexibility of Specials in Entrata. Your properties can now offer multiple special options for applicants or renewing residents to choose from.

Blue Moon Notices

Users who are already using Blue Moon services now have the ability to use Blue Moon delinquency notices. Additionally, when generating Blue Moon notices, you can review merge fields when manually generating notices.

Connect Promo Codes & Lead Sources

When creating a promotional code special, you are now able to optionally associate the special with a specific lead source. When an applicant uses the promotional code, the lead source on their application will automatically update to the lead source connected with the special.

Mid-Lease Rent Increases

Entrata can now help you create a mid-lease rent pricing strategy, which will make it easier for you to review your long-term leases, make adjustments, and notify residents of potential changes.

Bulk Eviction Packets

We now allow users to access and download all Information and documents that apply to the eviction process from one location. Users can batch and download eviction documents in bulk, including Lease Documents, Late Notices, the Resident Event Summary, and the Full Ledger.

Filtering Group Contract Pricing

When creating a group leasing contract, after associating units to the contract and proceeding to add contract pricing, only the floor plans/units/unit types associated with the contract will be displayed.

Assistance Animal Updates

Several updates have been made throughout the system to help clients stay compliant with HUD laws while retaining their ability to customize the Pet & Assistance Animal portion of their application.

Amenity Search (Websites)

ProspectPortal websites now have an amenity search feature configuration. When turned on, it allows prospects to filter floor plans based on their desired amenities.

Blog Post Options

Entrata Blog now lets you publish a blog post to multiple websites at once. You can do this by creating a blog group. When you publish the original post, you can choose to post it to all of the websites in that group as well.

Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Enhancements

We've added the ability to manually associate transactions to specific certifications on the Subsidy ledger. Now you can create adjustments as needed when a certification is performed outside the regular certification workflow.

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