Homebody Rewards

Attract and retain residents more effectively, all while lowering operating costs. Homebody Rewards is the next evolution of incentives for the multifamily industry.

A loyalty program for your residents

From signing a new lease to renewing a current lease—and everything in between—you decide how your residents earn rewards.

Earn points

Reward residents with points for actions like signing a new lease, renewing early, paying rent on time, setting up autopay, and more.

    Redeem points

    Residents can redeem points on travel, rent, gift cards, and prepaid debit cards.

      Homebody Rewards helps your bottom line

      Acquire & retain residents

      Reward your residents similar to how hotels reward their regular guests. You’ll allow your properties to stand out from the competition and help your residents feel appreciated, all while improving leads and renewals.

        Reduce costs

        Replace existing cash incentives (like waiving first month’s rent) with low-cost point incentives. Reduce vacancy and make-ready costs by retaining more residents.

          Improve cash flow

          Motivate your residents to pay rent on time, early, and automatically with point incentives, helping you better manage your cash flow and payments.

            Let us do the heavy lifting

            There are no monthly fees to participate. Properties simply choose which actions to incentivize, and then Entrata does the rest. We pay the bill when residents redeem points, develop supporting technology and partnerships, and provide dedicated customer support for you and your residents.

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            Attract and retain top-tier residents with Homebody Rewards

            • Travel
            • Gift cards
            • Rent
            • Prepaid debit cards

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