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Entrata has the goal of making life easier for
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From our top executives to part-time employees, we pride ourselves on having the smartest team available. The entrepreneurism that started Property Solutions still drives the company and employees today--everyone’s willing to roll up their sleeves.


Even though we work in a very traditional industry, we’re not afraid to shake things up if it means doing them better. We encourage innovation with our own products as well as with our competitors. That’s why we’ve created the industry’s first open platform.

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Red Shoes Worn


Rent Transactions Processed



New ResidentPortal App Released

New ResidentPortal App Released

January 2016
Pay by voice? Absolutely. Photo Pay? Yessir. Customized notifications? Yup. The new ResidentPortal mobile app puts the power for all this and more into your residents hands... literally. And it looks pretty, too.

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TechCrunch Comes Calling

October 2015
Who does the preeminent online technology magazine want to hear from on matters of real estate tech? Entrata's very own Ben Zimmer, that's who. His take on the state-of-the-industry is published for all 6.5 million readers to see.

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TechCrunch Comes Calling

Property Solutions becomes Entrata

June 2015
Entrata means "open" and "portal" — and it's easier to type than Property Solutions — so we booked an entire Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas, gave away 1,800 pair of red shoes, and renamed the company.

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$100 Million in Annual Recurring Revenue

Who'd have thought, back in our work-in-the-garage days, that our humble startup would beat the odds? We never doubted! And we're all set to keep growing like crazy.

1 Million Annual Revenue


Paperless Payment Program

2014 Sustainable Business Award

November 2014
On the strength of our growing Paperless Payments Program, Utah Business Magazine recognized Property Solutions outstanding green efforts.

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Happy Clients Across the US

April 2014
Six days, ten cities, 11 multifamily companies and two intrepid crew members combine to create one video that proves Property Solutions clients are, as Pharrell Williams would say, happy.

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Billion Dollar Benchmark

The Billion Dollar Benchmark

February 2014
We didn’t even need a full 31 days to process a billion dollars worth of rent payments in a single calendar month for the very first time. Since hitting this milestone, we’ve never looked back.


The Double-decker Bus

August 2013
This genuine vintage bus from the UK has become a favorite in local parades, national trade shows, and is in high demand as a shuttle for team lunches.

Double Decker Bus
Dave Bateman, Entrepreneur of the Year Ernst & Young

Dave Bateman: Entrepreneur of the Year

June 2013
The smart folks over at Ernst & Young finally recognized what we've known all along: that our visionary CEO is in a league of his own.

Congrats, Dave!

Rock - Paper - Scissors - Tesla!

June 2013
Talk about a new standard: We came up with the best prize EVER for a game of rock - paper - scissors. One lucky winner walked away from our NAA booth with keys to the world's coolest electric car.

Tesla Rock Paper Scissors
Property Solutions Entrata Beta

Entrata Pilots Successful Beta
Across 40+ Companies

March 2013
What can we say... people like freedom. Less than a year after its release, Entrata has become the fastest growing property management software in the industry. Once you experience the Entrata PaaS, you’ll want to make the switch too.

Harlem Shake

February 2013
We couldn't help ourselves.

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Thriller Flash Mob

October 2012
Our CEO (Dave) promised he would teach us all the thriller dance, and Dave always keeps his promises. We were so impressed with ourselves that we decided to share it with some local shoppers.

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Entrata PM Software is Announced

June 2012
To help free the industry from the confines of outdated software, Property Solutions created Entrata... And probably one of the most memorable product launch campaigns the industry has ever seen. FREEDOM!

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Property Solutions New Locations

Opened Three New Locations
in Less than 12 Months

We were busting at the seams with two Provo offices and over 200 employees. We opened a new office in Lehi, UT and quickly realized it wouldn't be enough. Months later we were also in the building next door and started hiring Texans for our Dallas office.

SiteTablet™ Wins Tabby Award

November 2012
The largest provider of property management websites and payments, was awarded 'Best Consumer Products and Services App' for its SiteTablet iPad app in the first annual Tabby Awards, a worldwide competition recognizing the best tablet apps based on advanced features and utility.

Property Solutions Tabby Award


World's Largest Dodgeball Game

September 2011
Mediocrity has never been our thing, so we decided it was time to set a world record. Throw in one of the country’s biggest college rivalries and you’ve got yourself a ball game--make that a DODGE ball game.

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Hired 100th Employee

After eight fast years the Property Solutions team grew to 100. Delicious cake was served. We only eat delicious cake at Property Solutions.

Property Solutions 100th Employee


Property Solutions REd Shoe Club

Red Shoe Club

June 2010
We sported our first red shoes at NAA in New Orleans. After a night of Lindy Hop dancing to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, the status of our red shoes went from uniform to iconic. The Red Shoe Club was then secretly forged with a vow to find other members worthy of wearing the red shoes.

SiteTablet is Released

August 2010
The SiteTablet app for the iPad brought the leasing office to an unprecedented level of mobility, convenience, and eco-consciousness. It was later awarded MHN’s Most Innovative Technology of the year, and even inspired us to take a try at nursery rhymes.

Property Solutions SiteTablet App


Property Solutions Inc 500 Award

Ranked 136 on Inc. 500

August 2009
With a three-year growth of 1,295% we were driving fast.

10,000 Websites Built

How do you build 10,000 websites? One template at a time. Our scalable, flexible, and most importantly, functional website design themes set a new standard for property and corporate websites, and made internet marketing so much more affordable for our clients.

Property Solutions 10,000 Websites built
Property Solutions Over a billion dollars processed

$1 Billion Processed in Payments

May 2009
It took five years to build up to a billion dollars in processed payments, but we were also building momentum, and we never looked back. The second billion took less than 12 months, and now we're processing this much every 30 days or so.

First Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest

September 2009
After eating seven hot dogs in five minutes, Kurt Radmall (now the Director of Client Services) became the first ever Property Solutions Hot Dog Eating Contest
weiner...I mean winner.
A strong stomach will take you far here.

Property Solutions Hot dog eating contest


Property Solutions Check Scanning Offered

Check Scanning Payment

June 2008
With checks being the primary method used to pay rent, our check scanning integration quickly began saving lives. Within a month, properties using our check scanning decreased rent processing time by as much as 75 percent.

First Major Integration (AMSI)

Websites that just sit around looking pretty may have been good enough for our competitors, but not us. Our full integration with one of the top property management software companies of the day helped us create the industry’s most functional portals.

Property Solutions First integration
Property Solutions NMHC 50

Signed First NMHC Top 50

It’s a little like graduating to the grown-ups table at Thanksgiving dinner...getting invited to work with some of the biggest management companies in the industry made us feel like we’d arrived.


India Office Opens

July 2007
With ideas this good, you’ve got to go big or go home. We went to India and, instead of outsourcing development to a big impersonal firm where we’d have to compete for resources, we started our own. Smart move. Today our India office is the largest PHP shop in the country.

Property Solutions India Office Opens


Property Solutions NAA Exhibit

First Exhibit at NAA

June 2005
This was when it all started! Property Solutions' team shows up every year determined to make NAA the most enjoyable trade show in the industry. If you attend you can't miss us... we're the one's wearing the red shoes & bustin' a move.


Online CC Payments Offered

March 2004
Have you ever paid your rent online with a credit card? You’re welcome. Property Solutions is responsible for delivering us all from the dark ages and allowing property management companies to accept CC rent payments through their website.

Property Solutions Online Credit Card Rent Payment


Property Solutions Featured in Fourtune Small Business Magazine

Featured on the Cover of
Fortune Small Business Magazine

November 2003
Don't be fooled by the pretty faces. These guys were just getting started.

Leased First Office in Provo, UT

July 2003
It wasn't much of a looker, but at $6/sq ft. the price was right. No matter that the next door catering business' smoke would billow into our office, or that we were only a block from the railroad tracks, or that a homeless guy named Travis lived in our dumpster.... for seven years this was our home.

Property Solutions 1st Office Leased
Property Solutions BYU Business Plan Competition winners

Won 1st Place in BYU Business Plan Competition

April 2003
One of the first things the trio did was enter the BYU Business Plan Competition, where we beat 39 competitors and won $50,000 to jumpstart the company. We went on to take first place in Fortune Magazine's MBA Showdown, winning over $100,000 in prizes and services in-kind.

Property Solutions is Founded

January 2003
After creating an innovative way to simplify property management processes through property websites, Dave, Ben and John started what would become a beautiful relationship: AKA Property Solutions International, Inc.

Property Solutions Founded

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