Entrata® Commercial

Our complete solution streamlines your workflows for office, retail, and mixed-use properties.

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Achieve your NOI goals with a platform that maximizes efficiency

Spend more time focused on NOI and less time dealing with frustrating software.

Easy setup

Customize your buildings, floors, and suites. Add media, edit square footage, and accommodate different configurations.

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    Intuitive lease abstracts

    Summarize all leasing data in an easy-to-follow workflow. You can also reference directly back to the lease document.

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      Flexible charge options

      Create flexible charge options and schedule charge creation in the same place you handle rent escalations, NNN expenses, CAM charges, and more.

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        "I’ve found Entrata Commercial to be cleaner and less layered than other commercial products. The tenant move-in/move-out process excludes unnecessary information and allows us more control of tenant accounts." -Sean, Vice President, IDM

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        Complete commercial capabilities

        Building Setup
        Lease Flexibility & Escalations
        Tenant Portal
        NNN Reconciliations
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        Customize your buildings, floors, and suites to meet any project’s needs.
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        Charge the right amounts at the right time, no matter a lease’s length, term, or escalations.
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        Establish open communication with your tenants. They can get payment and maintenance information delivered to them in real time.
        Reconcile the budget-based scheduled charges to the actual AP expenses. Do that and more in one easy-to-use interface.

        Open and full ledger displays

        With one click you can add charges, payments, credits, and more. Track tenants’ transactions with crystal-clear ledger displays.

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        Customize documents and reporting

        In addition to customer filters and scheduled reports, you can also create a commercial rent roll report to help you manage your properties. Get custom statements, delinquency and pre-collection notices, and more.

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        Never lose information

        Quickly create lease abstracts, manage lease clauses, and keep lease exclusions top of mind with our easy-to-navigate platform.

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        "Entrata Commercial has been a game changer for our company. The functionality is intuitive making training time minimal and the reporting gives visibility to areas that were previously in the dark." -Kelsey, Assistant Controller, Kaufman Development

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        Do it all with Entrata's operating system

        Centralized leasing workflows
        Resident management
        Integrated purchasing
        Facilities management
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        In one dashboard, view and keep track of leads, guest cards, and prospect communication for multiple properties.
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        Helping resident log in on the computer
        Manage all your leasing and rent procedures. You can move residents in and out, assess and prorate charges, and much more.
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        Staff working through purchasing concerns
        Take care of all your purchase-oriented tasks: add and track vendors, pay invoices, write checks, and create purchase orders.
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        Outdoors of property
        Faster response times, greater accuracy, and higher resident satisfaction. Manage inspections of every unit, building, and amenity.
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        An award-winning platform for property owners and operators

        Experience the new standard

        Save time and manage your properties with flexibility. Join thousands of other operators.

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