Introducing Two-Way Texting

A growing number of your prospects prefer texting to phone calls, and with the Entrata’s new two-way texting functionality, you’ve got them covered.

Entrata now allows your properties to enable SMS messaging through your ProspectPortal website by showing prospective residents a “Text Us” option when they click the multi contact button. A prospect who prefers to communicate via text can use the prompt to initiate a message to the property. Then, any agent who has marked themselves as available is able to see and respond to incoming texts right in the Entrata dashboard.

Every text conversation is seamlessly captured by Entrata’s Lead Management system; no extra steps necessary. When a prospect texts your property, Entrata creates a Lead Profile automatically, and saves the conversation in their activity log. Active text conversations can also be transferred from one agent to another, if necessary, or can be marked as completed to be removed from the queue.

Trying to rekindle lukewarm leads?  Agents may use text messages as a simple way to follow up with any prospect that has previously texted the property. Of course, if they change their mind, prospective residents may end any conversation and opt out of future messages by texting STOP at any time.

A growing number of people prefer the ease and convenience of communicating via text to phone calls or even emails. And with ProspectPortal’s new two-way texting, your property is speaking their language. Contact your CSM for information on how to enable two-way texting at your properties.

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