Troubleshooting Your Lead Management

Some apartment leasing teams manage leads efficiently and effectively without losing any opportunities, while others struggle to even return phone calls and respond to emails. In every portfolio, there’s room for improvement when it comes to lead management.

When trying to diagnose and improve a lead or conversion challenge, there could be a number of reasons for the problem. Maybe it’s the ILS listings or Craigslist ads that aren’t producing leads. Or perhaps the onsite team has been struggling to adequately follow up enough with leads, or could be failing to log them properly from the start. Or maybe some associates haven’t been trained adequately to close the deal.

No matter the reason, lead management software not only can help diagnose the issue, but also prevent lost leads from ever becoming a problem in the first place, as long as it’s a required part of the operations process.

Software like Entrata’s LeadManager  increase lead conversion, improve response speed and ultimately maximize all leads. If you’re considering lead management systems, we recommend keeping the  following software attributes in mind:

Lead organization

If the onsite team is getting jammed up with following up on leads, lead management software can help ease the process by organizing all leads into a single dashboard and categorizing them according to stage of the process. The central dashboard compiles all the lead data and makes the info easy to compare and analyze. It will show the onsite team exactly where and when follow up is required. Additionally, software can help identify which leads are most likely to progress, helping leasing agents prioritize their efforts.

Lead communication

Automated integration makes it easy to send mass texts and bulk emails about special promotions and leasing opportunities. This helps ensure all the information is getting out and you’re able to fully communicate with leads and provide alerts to prospects. Automatic messaging is much more efficient than manually sending information on an email-by-email, text-by-text basis.

Call tracking and analysis

Lead management software that has call tracking and analysis features enables you to monitor leads via phone and evaluate how well the leasing associates are interacting with prospects. This also lets leasing teams know exactly who is calling and where that person is calling from to compile more helpful data for lead tracking and organization.

As with any technology tool, it’s critical for leasing teams to fully understand the software and know how to use it effectively. An appropriate investment in training and coaching can help ensure you’re getting the most out of the platform.

Lead management software has immense benefits for apartment leasing offices and is an efficient tool for troubleshooting lead conversion issues. It also helps property managers knows where to allocate marketing resources and gives them a clear picture of the different phases of every the lead. And that’s good for business, after all, the quicker you can identify any flaws within your process, the quicker you can begin boosting your conversion ratios.

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