Training IT Teams in Multifamily

The associates who comprise the IT team are among the most astute in your organization. But despite their tech-savvy skill set and problem-solving abilities—IT stands for information technology, after all—these teams are no different than others in that they require training to function at a high level. 

While a high-functioning IT team often performs training for other groups within the organization, such as educating employees about software systems, training resources for IT itself cannot be neglected. In short, effective training for IT teams hinges around process as much as education. 

Here are a few concepts to consider when incorporating IT teams into the greater operations process: 

Role-based support

Multifamily organizations often work with multiple software systems. As such, it’s prudent to clarify which departments are responsible for providing support for each system. No right or wrong way exists to delegate these responsibilities, but work to eliminate gray areas as to which teams are responsible for what. If there are issues with CRM tools, do troubleshooting responsibilities fall to IT or is it a marketing issue? 

While IT undoubtedly will be the point of contact for most tech-heavy systems, accounting teams often can remedy their own issues within a system. For instance, if a resident overpays and a refund is issued, yet not appearing in the system, accounting teams probably are best suited to find a solution. With role-based support, companies delegate responsibilities to teams most capable of providing assistance. This helps prevent confusion and unnecessary delays when issues arise. 

Continuous cybersecurity training

Few would argue that IT teams are the best equipped to handle cybersecurity measures. Training in this area must be a constant process. Effective cybersecurity involves dealing with constantly evolving threats, so a one-time course won’t cut it. The tech landscape changes quickly. For example, the recent introduction of the California Consumer Privacy Act, one of the most comprehensive data privacy legislation to be introduced in the U.S., requires IT teams to become educated on the nuances of federal, state, and local regulation. Ongoing training is necessary to stay apprised of all new breaching efforts taking place in the shadowy corners of the cyber world.   


Rigid rules can inhibit your IT team. Tech is continuously evolving, so IT needs the ability to adjust policies so they don’t become dated or obsolete. Without appropriate flexibility, you may find your organization pigeonholed in certain policies or ideas. Seek feedback from members of the IT team and use training to instill a culture that encourages associates to collaborate on forward-thinking ideas and look beyond the status quo. 

As one of the few departments that doesn’t directly work with consumers in an exceedingly people-centric business, IT teams are something of a black sheep in the multifamily space. But just like marketing, leasing and maintenance teams, a thorough training program can significantly elevate their value within any organization.

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