Tips & Tricks for Using Software Strategically

If you work in property management, you know what it feels like to be busy. You’re a champion juggler, keeping dozens of balls in the air and balancing the needs of residents, owners, and staff. Here’s the question. Is your software just another ball to juggle, or is it an extra arm?

Your property management software should never be more of a burden than a benefit. And, we’re happy to say, there are relatively simple tweaks you can make to the Entrata platform that will ensure that your technology is even more valuable to your entire enterprise. Taking a little time to learn the settings can help you boost operational efficiency and save money.

For example:

  1. Residents really don’t like surprises. Set up Message Center™  to easily keep them in the loop with a monthly e-newsletter. The software can also help you monitor opens clicks and facilitates incentive programs like gift-card giveaways that encourage residents to read.

  2. Stop manually pulling delinquency reports and sending notices individually. Automate delinquency reports so that first notice, next notice, and final notice are always sent automatically and precisely on schedule.

  3. Build efficiency into your comp shops with revenue management software to help eliminate the need for concession selling. You don’t have to make guesses at pricing with an effective system in place.

  4. You’ve worked hard to plan the perfect community party, take advantage of happy residents to collect referrals and renewals. Don’t worry about printing contracts and leave the stacks of referral cards in the office. Just keep a SiteTablet®-enabled iPad or two handy.

  5. Simplify rent week by sealing up the drop box. Or just remove it entirely. No, honest! Take advantage of our paperless program to encourage residents to pay rent online. And while you’re at it, recycle all those paper applications and let prospects apply online as well.

  6. Don’t make residents log into multiple sites to pay rent and utility bills. Set up convergent billing with ResidentUtility® to simplify the process for them and for you.

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