Entrata’s ResidentPortal 4.0

An accessible, resident portal was one of the technologies that put Entrata on the map. Providing an interface to residents to be able to pay rent, schedule maintenance requests, or just reach out to the leasing office any time of day or night was once a revolutionary offering in the multifamily space.

A lot has changed. Renters expect more from their communities than an online portal for rent payments. So we’ve been updating Entrata’s ResidentPortal to keep up with evolving demands. In 2020, Entrata made ResidentPortal 4.0 available to all of our clients using ResidentPortal. With this update, the power of the portal is greater than ever.

ResidentPortal 4.0 offers more options for customization than we’ve ever had before. This makes it possible for your communities to reinforce their unique brand with every resident interaction. Rather than logging in to a generic website or app, residents will experience your chosen portal design, right down to your brand colors. You also control the navigation bar and dashboard quick links, so you can build the ideal resident experience right into the interface.

We all have learned the importance of keeping communities connected, and not just in times of crisis. With ResidentPortal 4.0, we offer you customization options around your community feed, so it’s easier to distribute community announcements and connect residents with their neighbors and the community at large.

Add a beefed-up menu of communication options and your community will be more connected than ever. ResidentPortal 4.0 gives you the ability to upload leasing documents, addenda, and other forms. We’ve added new resident services, functionality to help schedule move-ins, enhanced account verification options for rent payments, and even tools to facilitate renewals and transfers.

Whether your residents log in to the portal from their desktop or download the ResidentPortal App, they’ll be more empowered than ever to interact with you and your communities with ease and convenience. ResidentPortal 4.0 offers an even more consistent experience now, regardless of the way residents access it.

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