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Appropriate tech training increases the value of your organization’s software platform. Training platform users eliminates guesswork, improves process adoption and helps your team feel more comfortable with daily workflows. Luckily, Entrata’s training program offers a multitude of training options at no extra cost.

Entrata offers on-demand video and written courses that can be assigned to individual users as well as a calendar of live virtual classes that team members can attend. We’ll even customize virtual training webinars specifically for your team, with your settings and workflows in mind. 

Additional training options, including on-site training or training options at Entrata HQ are also available for a nominal fee, so be sure to work with our team to decide which training options are best for your company. But no matter how you set up training for your team, you’ll see the benefits immediately.Clients who take advantage of Entrata’s training options report fewer errors, less downtime, fewer support tickets, lower operating costs, and higher morale.

Now that’s what we call a good return on investment!

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