Flipping the Script on the Leasing Team

How technology can assist with offline touch pointsThroughout the tech revolution, the essential skills of a leasing agent have largely remained the same. Provide a welcoming smile, regularly walk the tour path to make certain nothing is amiss and clean up for-show units so they are ready for the eyes of prospects. It’s all part of the standardized training process, which is similar for maintenance teams and additional onsite associates. But although tech hasn’t replaced these non-digital activities, it certainly has provided a way to make them easier and more streamlined. Essentially, it serves as the conduit that can bring together various onsite teams. New technology tools allow teams to interact more rapidly, address any community issues efficiently and expeditiously, and provide modern touring experiences for both residents and leasing staff.  Here are a few examples:– Through a property management app, leasing associates don’t have to leave a voice message for the maintenance team—or wait until they run into one of them later in the day—when they encounter something that needs their handiwork. Perhaps it’s a leaking sprinkler on the tour path or a smart thermostat that needs to be restarted in a display unit. Through the app, the leasing agent can immediately ship a detailed request to the maintenance team, whose first available member can embark on the task. –The app can help inter-team communication, as well. Maintenance team members can digitally alert other members of the crew when they get started on a task, which prevents overlaps and keeps processes operating smoothly. –Self-guided tours are a rapidly growing trend in this space. A good solution offers customizable and flexible settings, giving leasing associates the ability to implement a personalized touring experience at their properties and better meet the evolving needs of prospective renters. From allowing prospects to schedule tours themselves to giving managers the ability to make their properties available at any time of day, this tool can help communities connect with prospects in new and innovative ways.–In a perfect world, all community-related requests could be taken care of on site. But sometimes a vendor has to be contacted. For instance, a maintenance team member might notice that an overgrown tree has obscured key signage at a community. It’s a gigantic oak that would be unsafe for anyone but a professional tree trimmer to navigate. That request can be easily made by the maintenance team member when preferred vendors are accessible through the property management app. No matter how far the tech revolution progresses, interpersonal skills and keen observation will always be required traits for onsite associates. The right tech can help augment those qualities and create a more streamlined experience between all teams at the property.

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