16 Things Entrata Can Do That Others Can’t

When people learn that I grew up in Alaska, one of the most common questions I’m asked is “What did you do for fun?” A part of me wants to say I tracked black bear migrations and caught fresh sockeye with my bare hands, when in reality, I feel like I spent a lot of time watching Trading Spaces reruns. Seriously, Hildi?!? How could you possibly think that covering the walls with 7000 artificial flowers is a good idea? I’m sure Jay and Danielle will be thrilled to have the tackiest bathroom in the history of forever.

One of the things my friends and I actually would do quite often, whenever we could get a big group of us together, is play “I’ve Never.” Basically, we’d each have a chair facing inward in a big circle, with one person in the middle who would have to say something they’ve never done… maybe gone bungee jumping, had a younger sibling, or eaten sushi… and anyone who has done the said activity has to jump up and find a new seat, and the person in the middle tries to commandeer one of the open seats and avoid another turn as the person in the middle. My utter love for all things which are edible (especially seafood) forced me to take quite a few dives, toppling over folding chairs and crashing to the floor all because I’ve never backed down from the chance to feed upon invertebrated sea creatures.

These memories came to mind in a recent meeting over here at Entrata, where we were discussing details about our Property Management Software. Because, you see, if Entrata were in a game of “I’ve Never” with all the other PM software systems, then Entrata would be up from its seat at every round, because Entrata doesn’t shy away from the features and functionality that other software could never accomplish, even if it tried.

That’s why I compiled a list of everything Entrata can do that other PM software systems can’t, just so they know what they’re up against, should they decide to go the route of pre-Facebook, under-occupied Alaskan youths:

1. Work on any device – As many property managers would testify, on any given day it’s rare that your desktop is constantly at arm’s reach. For those moments when you’re walking the property, running errands, in a meeting, or chillin’ at home with a box of cheez-its and superhero pjs (maybe that’s just me…), you can access real-time property information from the convenience of a tablet or mobile device. True compatibility, from ipads to smartphones.

2. Work on any browser – Whatever your preference—Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or (if someone puts a gun to your head) Internet Explorer—Entrata is more than happy to oblige. No plug-ins, no downloads.

3. Quick reference – You know those times when you gotta look up a resident’s phone number or account balance real quick, but you’re right in the middle processing a move-out? Entrata makes it easy, and you don’t even have to abandon what you’ve got going with the move-out docs. All you do is perform a quick search in the upper right-hand side of the screen, and the resident’s profile appears in a pull-down window over the existing page. Whether it’s a complimentary jar of individually-wrapped fun size chocolate bars and a trash receptacle, or resident management functions and resident account details, nobody likes to have to run back and forth between things that in all logic, should be in close proximity.

4. Everything behind one login – While people like Dwight Schrute may believe the more keys on the keychain, the more powerful the man*; we think more keys is a pain in the butt. When people have 14 different passwords and usernames to 14 different systems, it takes a considerable toll on operational efficiency and personal sanity. That’s why Property Solutions’ comprehensive array of marketing, leasing, resident, and management tools, including Entrata, are all contained in a single user dashboard, accessed through a single login.

5. Make this look easy – Because Entrata has the most intuitive user interface in the market, we make property management look easy. It shouldn’t take an army of engineers and a vat of painkillers to train new staff on software systems. We built Entrata with the site-level user in mind. So when you see the rookies catch on quick, know it’s not just beginner’s luck.

6. Not take your money – Don’t even give us a courtesy-reach-for-the-wallet. We got this covered. No integration fees. No licensing fees. When we say free, we mean it.

7. Let you use the tools you want – In the depths of our hearts, we believe you should be able to use the technology that best suits you and your business, without the threat of exorbitant fees or spotty integrations. We’re not here to tell you what to do—we made Entrata to empower you to do what you want.

8. Access to everything you need, in one spot – So this is a point closely related to #4, but it’s worth revisiting: Property Solutions’ system is built on a single database, which means everything you need is found on a single, truly integrated dashboard. It’s like entering your own, personalized cockpit to multifamily management, as opposed to several disjointed control panels across five different locations.

9. Store documents – for free! Scan and upload images (such as a notice to vacate or service invoice) and those important documents are saved to the property’s database at no charge.

10. Facilitate centralized processing over multiple properties – Entrata allows admins who oversee multiple properties to manage them all on one screen. Whether it be a handful of communities or 57 different properties across 7 different states, Entrata’s management and reporting tools make it a breeze.

11. Work in multiple windows at the same time – Multitaskers like me know that sometimes you have a million different projects going on and you want to be able to do them at the same time. It’s not uncommon for me to have 20 different tabs open, and when I try to take a second to do a little purging, I realize I really do need ALL OF THEM. If that sounds like you, rest assured that Entrata allows you to have multiple applications open in different tabs. So go ahead and enter a new lead, generate a lease, and print a bucketload of checks at the same time. Toggle tabs at will.

12. Temporary Charges – For many people, housing is their largest expense each month. So is it too much to ask for residents to be able to view their upcoming charges for next month? Ask away! Or not—we’re gonna give to you either way. Through Entrata, residents who access their account as early as 5 days before the end of the month are able to see the amount of their next rent/utility charge, and even pay it, if they’d like.

13. Post charges across all properties, on a single page – For people managing multiple properties, they can come in on Entrata and post charges across all properties, and/or a specific selection properties, in one central location.

14. Attach a file to a purchase order – Certain purchase orders are often accompanied by important documents, such as signed estimates/quotes or purchase approvals. With Entrata, users can scan those documents to include with purchase orders, directly within the same page where the order is input, and lickitysplit, you’ve got zero-hassle, complete digital records.

15. Pause bulk invoice entry mid-stream – Let’s say you’re in the middle of entering a long list of invoices, and then an alligator meanders across the green and begins terrorizing the Saturday morning synchronized swimming class. After you’re done wrangling the alligator and coaxed the class members down from the roof of the pool house, you’ll be able to grab another cup of coffee, come right back to your bulk invoice entry, and continue working on it.

16. Generate reports for any combination of properties – all on one page! Just select which properties you’d like to be included, and Entrata will generate the report according to the specified fields. Now if I could only get that same kind of comprehensive, hands-free reporting on which flight reservations will land me a seat next to an attractive, gainfully-employed single male, then I’d be set.

** The Office, Ep. 127 Nepotism. Character actually stated, “The bigger the keychain, the more powerful the man.”*

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