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How to make insurance a competitive advantage

In this webinar we'll explore the resident journey from an insurance perspective and examine the benefits of a well-integrated leasing workflow. We’ll touch on Deposit Alternatives, why they’re essential today, and how the right strategies can couple with your renter's insurance offerings to create the ultimate coverage and a competitive advantage for your communities.

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Optimize your insurance strategy

Take a deep dive into the functionality available in Entrata’s system as well as discussing industry best practices designed to help properties make the most of their renters insurance program with any provider. You'll learn how to increase adoption with your renters insurance program, how to more effectively benchmark policy and lease conversion and how to automate insurance-related workflows for speed & efficiency

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Accounting challenges in multifamily

In this webinar we'll focus on the key challenges facing accounting and financial professionals in the multifamily space. Learn about technology best practices and tips for efficient change management.

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Overcoming budget barriers

In this webinar we'll talk all about budgets and how to overcome key barriers that make budgeting a tedious process for many. Director of Product, Scott Knudson is joined by Entrata’s Senior Business Consultant and Sales Engineer to highlight the barriers that exist in multifamily budgeting and how to leverage technology and cross-team collaboration to make next budget season easier on everyone involved.

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