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The Women of Multifamily

Celebrate Women’s History Month with us! In this webinar, Entrata CRO Amanda Fumo and three other industry leaders recognize the contributions of women in multifamily, highlighting accomplishments, sharing experiences and career advice, and more.

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The New American Dream

As more Americans choose renting over home ownership, the American dream is experiencing a substantial change. In this webinar, our guests will discuss the findings from Entrata’s recent survey of 2,000 renters across the United States.

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Daniel Berlind Resident Expert

Fighting Fraud in Multifamily with Daniel Berlind

The fraudsters targeting multifamily communities are growing in number and skill, so traditional mitigation methods will need to evolve to keep up.

Daniel Berlind, CEO of Snappt, talks about the vulnerabilities faced by properties in 2024 and the strategies property management professionals must consider as they work to protect their communities moving forward.

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Empowering Teams to Succeed - How to Implement a Successful Training Program

Join Entrata for an insightful discussion about how you can help build a culture of success at your company. We’ll explore innovative learning and development techniques for teams, as well as the role supportive workplace environments have in supporting employee success. Don't miss the chance to hear practical tips and best practices for fostering a thriving workforce.

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The Economics of Rent Credit Reporting

Many residents face a conundrum: They can’t buy a home because they haven’t built credit, and they can’t build credit because their rent payments aren’t reported to the bureaus. This webinar explores several benefits of reporting on-time rent payments.

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