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2024 Report: The New American Dream

In the past, home ownership was considered a primary measure of whether or not someone has achieved the American dream, but that’s no longer the case. A January 2024 survey of over 2,000 US renters shows a growing number of people are making the decision to remain renters-by-choice, prioritizing flexibility and finding alternate ways to invest in themselves and their communities.

A free copy of this report outlines how priorities are shifting and what this new American dream means for both renters and property owners.

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16 Ways to Generate Ancillary Revenue

If you aren’t getting extra revenue from rental growth and your expenses are increasing, what can you do? The simple answer is finding new ancillary revenue streams. This e-book contains 16 ways you can start generating ancillary revenue at your properties.

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AI & the Multifamily Industry

While AI is still relatively new to our day-to-day processes, its potential impact on the multifamily industry (and beyond) should not be underestimated. Operators are leaning on this technology to drive efficiencies, streamline operations and more.

This e-book provides a background of AI technology and explores its role in the multifamily industry, examining ways that AI is already impacting workflows and how it is most likely to shape our future.

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Resident Experience 101

As rental markets soften, multifamily properties will need to be creative in how they differentiate themselves from the competition. Property managers will focus increasingly on the little things that improve the resident living experience and help foster a sense of community to attract new applicants and encourage residents to stay longer. This ebook offers tips for building a resident experience that will both resonate with current residents and engage potential renters.

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How to Create a Centralization Strategy That Works Best for Your Business

Multifamily companies are implementing centralized leasing, workflows, processes, and communication models to improve both the applicant and resident experience. However the task isn’t easy, and can be complicated by each company’s distinct portfolios, priorities, and approaches.

This guide examines the reasons why centralization is gaining steam across the multifamily industry and reviews several different approaches to centralization that are working.

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