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Elevate the resident experience with services that make your properties more attractive to residents.

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Happy residents = healthy portfolios

Entrata’s Resident Services elevate your residents’ experiences, making them more likely to renew their leases.

Stay competitive

Give your residents the best living experience while also providing financial benefits that extend beyond their leases.

    A true win-win

    Your onsite teams, residents, and bottom line benefit when you provide valuable resident services.

      Protect your bottom line

      As rent growth slows, generating ancillary revenue becomes more important. Entrata’s resident services add revenue streams that require almost no onsite lift.

        Renting from you is even better with Homebody

        Resident Portal Insurance screen

        Renters Insurance

        Add insurance to your leasing process so residents have coverage before they move in.

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        Deposit Alternative

        Increase lease conversions with a highly adopted security deposit alternative.

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        Deposit Alternative option available in lease
        Rent Reporting in Homebody app

        Rent Reporting

        Residents get their on-time rent payments reported to the major credit bureaus.

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        Free up onsite teams, we’ll take care of insurance for you

        Master Policy

        Insurance Verification

        Master Policy Home
        Ensure every unit has coverage even if residents don’t have policies through Entrata. Asset owners and managers can rest easy knowing they’re always covered.
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        Insurance Verification girl
        We’ll review and verify that third-party insurance policies meet your community’s requirements. All cancellations, renewals, and non-paid notices are filtered by our team.
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