Align accounting teams with a centralized budget that’s collaborative, always up to date, and powered by Entrata’s operating system.

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How does it work?

Get budgets approved faster

Say goodbye to napkin math and endless feedback loops. Make your budget easy to access, approve, and automate.

Browser-based budgeting

Use system data, leverage formulas, or enter data manually from your web browser of choice.

    Built for collaboration

    Advanced Budgeting automatically tracks all changes made. Leave comments, share context, and ask questions right in the budget.

      Permissions & approval tracking

      Set up viewing permissions for each user. Leverage approval routing to make sure budgets don’t get stuck waiting for sign-off.

        Flexible budgeting

        Import, add, and edit data in a way that works best for your company. Use formulas, adjust structures, and set different budgets for each property.

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        Collaborative budgeting

        Enable your financial data to function as an up-to-date, single source of truth. Keep historical knowledge, versions, and comments in one dashboard.

        Automated data

        No need to over-index on assumptions—use the real thing. With built-in logic, you can pull all your current data from Entrata with the click of a button.

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        For massive and shoe-string budgets

        • One-click import/exports
        • Set viewer permissions
        • Filter by category
        • Centralized budgets

        We're leading out on redefining property management

        Experience the new standard

        Save time and manage your properties with flexibility. Join thousands of other operators.

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