Bill Pay

Fast, easy, flexible, and secure vendor payments—all built directly into your existing Entrata workflows.

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One-click, paperless payments

Process an unlimited number of payments with a single click of your mouse.

Simpler & easier payments

Bill Pay currently supports ACH and paper check payments. And soon you’ll be able to pay your vendors with virtual cards.

    Streamlined reconciliations

    Reconciliations are easier because ACH withdrawal occurs for each payment. Plus, you’ll have more flexibility with complete void and unclaimed property functionality even after payments have been reconciled.

      Fraud prevention

      Bill Pay pulls vendors’ banking information from VendorAccess, ensuring their information is always accurate. And if your vendors aren’t in VendorAccess, existing ACH and check remittances in Entrata can also be used.

        Vendor Enablement Team

        We’ll get your vendors signed up for VendorAccess so you don’t have to. Vendors can select their preferred payment method, which automatically syncs with Entrata. Existing ACH and check remittances from Entrata can also be used.

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        No additional training required

        It doesn’t matter if you have zero training. Bill Pay uses the Entrata Accounting AP screens that you’re already familiar with. And once Bill Pay is enabled, you’re ready to process payments in one click.

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        Pay your utility suppliers

        With Bill Pay, you can pay utility suppliers the same as other vendors. Adjust settings so you can pay different utility accounts with separate transactions.

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        Coming soon: Pay vendors with virtual cards

        Vendors love this option because they get paid faster.

        • Simple & easy payments
        • High-adoption rate
        • Paperless option
        • Secure transactions

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