Entrata® Business Intelligence

Visualize, synthesize, and understand system data, so you can make better business decisions.

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What is Entrata BI?

Tell your company's story with accurate data visualization

Entrata BI pulls data native to your Entrata system, tranforming it into actionable insights.

Automate analysis

No need to pay someone to maintain your data tools or allow for human error in compiling data. Let Entrata BI leverage your native data, curate templates, and add new data points.

    Drill down

    Get an accurate read down to the lead, lease, or unit level. And with daily syncing of your data, you'll always get an accurate snapshot of your portfolio.

      Ensure understanding

      Help stakeholders at all levels of expertise understand complex concepts with data visualizations. Facilitate insight discovery across your org and make data-backed decisions.

        Using another data visualization software?

        If you want to leverage your Entrata data externally, you’ll love Entrata Data Share. It lets you access your data through Snowflake, the latest in data connection technology. And that means you can visualize your Entrata data with any tool you want.

        Entrata Data Share Image - What it would look like

        Remove the burden of data analysis

        Let Entrata BI turn your system information into actionable insight---automatically.

        • Visual, curated templates
        • Facilitate insight discovery
        • Digest complex info faster
        • Make data-backed decisions

        How Entrata BI is creating efficiencies across operations

        We're leading out on redefining property management

        Experience the new standard

        Save time and manage your properties with flexibility. Join thousands of other operators.

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