Entrata Launches Business Intelligence and Data Share Products

BI and Data Share will enable multifamily property managers, operators and investors with the ability to monitor performance management, visualize insights and personalize reporting.

LEHI, Utah -- Nov. 1, 2023 -- Entrata, a leading multifamily industry operating system, today announced the release of Entrata® Business Intelligence (BI) and Entrata® Data Share to convert raw data into valuable insights for its property management customers and partners, and, ultimately, support stronger business decision making in the property management industry.

Entrata's intuitive BI tech stack combined with each user's unique property management system data creates a flexible and tailored experience – from templated dashboards to personalized reporting. Property managers and operators can also leverage Entrata BI's backend technology with Entrata Data Share to export and organize data with the power of Entrata's integration with top data cloud technology.

"In today's economic environment, accurate and accessible data is critical for the property management industry to make the strongest business decisions – Entrata BI and Data Share empower users with exactly that," said Catherine Wong, Entrata's Chief Product and Operating Officer. "Through these new offerings, asset managers, operators and investors can have personalized data at their fingertips, all in one place and in every format necessary, to inform their stakeholders as effectively as possible."

Entrata BI visualizes users' property management system data and leverages the data found across every part of the Entrata platform, enabling leaders to understand their company's inner workings and make better business decisions. With Entrata BI, property owners and operators can:

Remove the burden of managing, organizing, and synthesizing data Turn users' system information into actionable data and insights Digest complex information faster through visual dashboards Facilitate insight discovery and make data-backed decisions Help stakeholders at all levels of expertise understand complex data and concepts Entrata Data Share gives any user the assurance of quality data regardless of the BI tool they use and the ability to export data to any data warehouse or BI system of choice. The tool can also categorize, aggregate and clean data to ensure only the best data is moving into an alternative BI tool – providing trusted data for property management companies' in-house data team, regardless of their operating system.

For more information about these products, please visit https://www.entrata.com/products/BI.

About Entrata Entrata is a leading operating system for multifamily communities worldwide. Setting the bar for innovation in property management software since 2003, Entrata offers solutions for every step of the leasing lifecycle and empowers owners, property managers, and renters to create stronger communities. Entrata currently serves over three million residents across more than 26 thousand multifamily communities around the globe. Learn more at www.entrata.com.

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