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The Entrata API provides programmatic access to read and write data to our Entrata PaaS, and it retrieves property marketing data, lease and resident details, and more. Our API is organized around RPC protocols, and authenticates users by a username and password generated through the Entrata platform. Each user is a specific client and they can only access API for that particular company.

In order to make our API as explorable as possible, we have provided "Try Now" functionality for all read types of web-services. This functionality returns live data from a specific customer environment.

Our API returns data in XML or JSON format. For more basic calls, JSON is preferred. The response will match the request format and should be specified in the "Content-Type" HTTP header. The URL endpoint depends upon the call being made. For example, if you are making the getCustomers service, you would post to https://[subdomain].entrata.com/api/customers. The subdomain is client specific. Please visit our Code Snippet section for examples and references detailing our web services in several programming languages.

Please note that unless stated otherwise, all dates and times used in the API are assumed to be in Mountain Time (MST or MDT).

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