Entrata Core™

More than one million spaces and counting are now implemented onto Entrata Core. See how these companies are using the Entrata platform to better manage their properties.

Jason Larson, Chief Strategy Officer
"Entrata is our best employee. It never calls in sick. It does its job. And, it just goes."
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Carol Morris, Vice President
Triton Investments Inc.
"Switching over from Yardi to Entrata Core has streamlined a lot of our steps and services, which has minimized both the time we spend navigating around on the computer and the time keeping track of paperwork."
Elaine DeLude, Vice President
Berman Enterprises
"Entrata is a full product solution for our onsite teams that has provided the transparency and real-time information we need to make decisions based on data."
Sterling Ralston, President
Avantic Residential
"Entrata is a true one-stop, full platform property management solution. Our site staff can login to one-place with one password to manage everything about their property."
Terry Flahive, President
Princeton Properties
"Entrata has made the leasing and rents process much more efficient in the office and to respond more quickly to potential residents when folks come in."
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Dan Harvey, Director of Leasing Development
Princeton Properties
"Entrata makes everything on the accounting side faster. It's a lot of little things that add up to large time savings."

Samuelson Development
"Entrata Core has centralized our operations into one place, accessible online, accommodating our growing company's needs. We can do business from anywhere - at home, at the office, on the fly over lunch, while flying, even on the beach if the need arises."
Grant Collard, CEO
Redstone Residential
"Entrata seems to be the only software company that is actively creating and testing new products using a sense, respond and create method with its clients. And it shows. They handle the unique problems of the student housing industry in a way that no other provider has been able to."
Mark Larson, Chief Financial Officer
"Having an integrated system for all of our management functions allows us to exploit synergies in our information to make better decisions more quickly."
Barrie Nichols, VP of Leasing and Marketing
University Student Living
"The majority of our employees are young students or millennials in their twenties. They are the true innovators that have grown up with technology and they absolutely love Entrata and connect with it. The simple, automated workflows and user experience are intuitive for them."

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