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Resident Experience 101

As rental markets soften, multifamily properties will need to be creative in how they differentiate themselves from the competition. Property managers will focus increasingly on the little things that improve the resident living experience and help foster a sense of community to attract new applicants and encourage residents to stay longer. This ebook offers tips for building a resident experience that will both resonate with current residents and engage potential renters.

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Guide: Reducing Fraud & Late Payments

Don’t get duped! Processing rent payments and applications online can open the door for applicants or renters to commit fraud by shielding their true identity or presenting payment methods that lack necessary funds. With fraud on the rise and risks to multifamily communities growing, it’s important to have guardrails in place from the very beginning This guide offers an overview of the kinds of fraudulent behaviors to look out for as well as tips you can employ to protect your communities.

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Don't Get Duped Ebook
Making the Switch to centralized leasing ebook cover

Making The Switch to Centralized Leasing

Centralized leasing represents an emerging area of innovation for multifamily companies. In Making the Switch to Centralized Leasing you'll learn some of the approaches others are taking and explore the benefits and outcomes to operators.

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Choosing the Right Property Management Software

Finding the right property management software lessens the day-to-day burden of keeping up with this endless stream of tasks. But how should you evaluate the many options on the market?

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7 steps: Choosing the Right Property Management Software
How Centralization is Transforming Multifamily Operations Ebook cover

Guide: Centralizing Multifamily Operations

Property management is traditionally an on-site activity. Owners hire management firms and management team members to handle leasing, tours, bookkeeping, maintenance and other important tasks at a specific multifamily location. But that approach is evolving in the 21st century thanks to new thinking and the widespread availability of technologies that can make management easier, more efficient and more centralized.

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Managing Student Housing

Effective property management is the best approach to experiencing continued rent growth and maintaining high occupancy. Ultimately, student housing management best practices can help your property become the provider of choice in your market. What management approaches are working in the student housing industry right now?

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ebook cover what's next in multifamily marketing?

What's Next in Multifamily Marketing?

Learn what Entrata Summit panelists and industry experts think are the key areas to focus on and why marketing teams and operations teams must be aligned for strategies to be most effective.

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Everything to Know About Renters Insurance

There’s a lot of risk and liability associated with owning a multifamily property. Smart property managers mitigate risk and spread out liability by mandating renters insurance for residents. This guide covers the steps for getting started, best practices for maintaining a program, and how renters insurance can actually give a boost to your bottom line.

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Everything to Know About Renters Insurance Cover Image
Engage and Convert Leads Ebook Image

Engage and Convert Multifamily Leads

Of the many challenges facing multifamily operators in 2022, the number of leads typically isn’t among them. But operators may find the task of attracting quality leads and providing them with the customer experiences they’re seeking to be a daunting one. Read what panelists recommended and shared at the most recent Entrata Summit about how multifamily teams can nurture the right leads and get them to sign leases.

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