Increase Your Asset Value with Simplified Utility Billing


ResidentUtility is a robust billing and utility management solution built to increase your asset value without increasing your workload. Its paperless convergent billing and collection system accelerates property cash flow, cuts expenses, pleases residents, and generates new ancillary revenue. In short, ResidentUtility will grow your NOI and asset value.

Convergent &
Unified Billing

Reduce the amount of working capital needed to manage billing and utilities while reducing rent delinquencies by an average of 20%.

  • Increased NOI

    Boost your properties value by increasing collection rates and ancillary income.

  • True Convergent Billing

    A single bill contains all utility and lease charges the property wants to collect. Pet fees, cable, trash removal, rent, utilities can all be included and paid online.

  • Vacant Cost Management and Recovery

    An intuitive vacant cost management interface minimizes the amount of energy consumed by more than 50 percent in vacant units.

  • NOI Reporting

    Real-time reports let you check key performance metrics for your whole portfolio or a specific property.

Utility Expense Management

Utilities are the third highest operating expense at a property and if not properly analyzed, can negatively impact NOI for a company.

Data Entry

Utility Expense Management makes it so a property’s invoices are mailed directly to Entrata's utility experts, who then carefully enter the utility data into the AP system.

Utility Audits

Data entered into the AP system is audited for anomalies in bill details, consumption, and financials. When an error is found, Entrata's utility experts will handle the resolution process.

Data Analytics

The data integrates directly into the property management software and is stored for future access, resulting in time and cost savings, and actionable utility data. A variety of reports analyze the utility data.

Recapture 95% of utility costs

See old balances cleared up within the first three months when switching to convergent billing from a bill and collect services. Collections then stay at 95%.

Reduce the amount of working capital needed to manage billing and utilities while reducing rent delinquencies by an average of 20%.

See how Entrata Management Suite works for Woodbury Companies

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From the experiences we've had using other Entrata applications, we saw ResidentUtility as an opportunity to add another valuable business tool to our mix. ResidentUtility will help us manage our vacant cost recovery and also grant our residents increased transparency in the billing process.

Adam Bleznak
Chief Operations Officer
Woodbury Communities,

38% of All Utility Bills Have an Error

Properties will encounter some type of billing or metering error on utility bills. Property management companies could be paying as much as 25% more than they should be paying at a particular property.

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Utility Invoice Processing

Precise data entry and quick access to all of your utility bills in one, unified platform.

Direct Data Entry

Your property’s invoices are mailed directly to our utility experts who then carefully enter readings into the system. The data integrates with your accounting software and is digitally stored for future access.

Accurate Readings

Before the final bill is sent to your property, it is audited twice to ensure proper data entry.


All bills are processed and available for payment within 24 hours of receiving them, guaranteeing accurate and up-to-date accounts payable and helps eliminate late fees.


Increase Your Asset Value with Accurate Consumption Readings.

  • Individual Consumption

    Submetering enables properties to bill residents for actual utility consumption of each individual unit. Entrata installs water, gas, and/or electric submeters for individual units.

  • Environmental Impact

    Studies indicate that submetering alone reduces water consumption between 25% and 35% by making residents accountable for their consumption.

  • Submeter Installation

    Entrata will install, test, and warranty submeters. Entrata will also manage the maintenance of properties' submetering systems to verify the accuracy of billing data.

Complete and Compliant

Our clients trust us with over $9 billion in transactions annually. Our billing system enforces all relevant laws and regulations according to your property's zip code, so you never have to worry about billing errors.

  • Certified

    With PCI, MITS, and SAS70 Certifications you can trust us to process your payments securely and accurately.

  • Automated Regulatory Billing

    Our team of lawyers compile and maintain a regulatory and legal database for all US jurisdictions.

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