Master Policy

Even if your residents don’t have renters insurance, you can cover every unit with our risk mitigation strategies.

Customize risk management

Choose between two flexible risk mitigation strategies to ensure coverage on every single unit in your portfolio.

Standard Strategy

Residents are prompted to enroll in ResidentInsure, Entrata’s renters insurance offering, or provide proof of coverage through another provider. If the resident fails to provide insurance, the unit is force placed and insurance is in effect.

  • When residents use ResidentInsure, you can increase ancillary revenue
  • Recover costs from residents who fail to provide proof coverage

Blanket Strategy

Automatically cover all your units. Each resident automatically participates and typically pays for coverage via scheduled lease charges or increased rent rates.

  • Earn ancillary revenue on all your units
  • No management for your onsite staff required

Effortless risk mitigation

Get gap coverage and protect your property in case of negligent damages. No need to think twice—we’ll do the thinking for you!

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Insurance is your competitive advantage

As your technology partner, we’ll automate your insurance program so it becomes a revenue center instead of a cost center.

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Experience the new standard

Save time and manage your properties with flexibility. Join thousands of other operators.

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