Why wait to Connect? Start now!

We can’t wait to Connect with you in October, so we’re getting started immediately. Here are 3 easy ways to Connect, starting right now!

Be Excellent Stories

During Entrata Connect, we'd like to highlight your peers that have made a special impact for good. We'd love to hear stories of those who have worked with charities, friends, residents or anyone else to help make a difference during these last few months.

Click below to share your story by September 15th, and help spread some positivity!

Entrata Connect

Can't Stop the Feeling!

If you've got sunshine in your pocket or that good soul in your feet, pull out your phone and capture some of your best moves for a global dance video premiering during Entrata Connect! We're going to get the whole industry dancing and want to give you a moment in the spotlight. Details here.

Entrata Connect

Spotlight on Social

The most rewarding follows for your social feed right now are: @EntrataSoftware, #EntrataConnect, and #NotAWebinar. But don't just watch your feed fill up with inspiration & cuteness, join in the fun. Your post could make your puppy famous, earn an Entrata thank-you gift, or even win you $100. Here's how:

Pets of Entrata
They're everyone’s best friend, so don't keep them to yourself. Tag posts of your cats, dogs, parakeets, & iguanas with @EntrataSoftware and #EntrataConnect for extra exposure. We will share our favorites during an episode of Entrata Connect. If we pick your post, we'll send you a gift.

Quarantine Hobbies
You know you've been dying to show off that perfect sourdough loaf or the bookshelf you built from scratch. Don't be shy! Tag posts of your latest knitting project or other new hobby with @EntrataSoftware and #EntrataConnect. We will pick some of our favorites to share in an episode of Entrata Connect. If we pick your post, we'll send you a gift.

Connect Four
Keep your eye on @EntrataSoftware for updates about #EntrataConnect. When you see one of our designated posts, just re-post it and tag four of your industry friends. You'll automatically be entered to win $100. We'll announce four winners in each episode of Entrata Connect.

Be Excellent Stories