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Fraud Protection

A Platform
of Protection

Protect your community at every step of the renter's journey. Entrata's platform helps you mitigate fraud in your community with a number of specialized products and services built right in. So, as you accompany your residents through their renter journey, from the time they submit an application to the last time they pay rent, your business—and your communities—are protected.


Platform of Protection

We know that having protection is more important than ever! Take a look at how Entrata's platform of protection helps you stay safe from the threats you can't see on the surface.

Total number of preventable payment returns

Total dollar amount of preventable payment returns

About 1 in 5 People Lost Money
$1,190 Million reported lost
$850 Median loss
About 1 in 10 People Lost Money
$576 Million reported lost
$650 Median loss
1.7 Million fraud reports
Reported a loss
$1.8 Billion Total fraud losses
$316 Median loss
2.2 Million fraud reports
Reported a loss
$3.3 Billion Total fraud losses
$311 Median loss

Prevent Payment Returns

With over two hundred thousand returned payments reported in 2020, tools that prevent a bad payment from ever being processed are more important than ever to keep business running smoothly.

Stop Scammers

It's not just multifamily; scammers are targeting businesses large & small as well as individuals. (E.g., imposter scams in 2020 resulted in millions of dollars in reported losses!) You need tools to take on the unique threats to your community.

Don't Lose to Fraud

The COVID-19 pandemic gave fraudsters ample opportunity to attack, and they took it. With fraud losses growing so fast, protecting your communities has never been more important.

Know Your Enemy

Since 2019, identity theft has been the number one threat in fraud attempts (followed by imposter scams and online shopping/negative reviews.) And multifamily communities are frequently targeted with identity scams. Communities must understand how these scams work to stay protected.


How It Works

Applicant Journey
Applicant Screening
ResidentVerify® lets you customize your community's screening criteria for a fast and easy application experience. Advanced screening tools help you remain compliant while enforcing your policies consistently.
Income Verification
ResidentVerify's Income Verification provides a simple way for you to confirm an applicant's income for up to 12 months with bank-validated data.
Secure Online Payments
ResidentPay® offers a complete payment solution for residents to pay securely from anywhere. Available payment types include credit card, ACH, cash/money orders, and even check scanning.
Account Verification
With ResidentPay's NACHA-approved account verification tools, you know whether the applicant's or resident's bank account is valid before they make an eCheck payment.
Funds Verification
ResidentPay offers optional payment workflows that virtually eliminate NSFs. The balance of a bank account is automatically checked at the time of payment. If there are not sufficient funds, the payment doesn't process. Period.

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Making Protection Easy

Stopping fraud can be stressful, and getting it wrong is costly! Entrata's fraud prevention tools lift the burden from your site staff - applying your protocols consistently and impartially every time.

Protection is automated - so robust screenings and verifications (on everything from applications to payments) don't add extra steps to your property workflows.

Support from professional consultants help you customize your settings and even field adverse-action calls, freeing your team up to focus on other important tasks

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