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Build Community Better

As a property management professional, you're building communities every day. Entrata's comprehensive CRM contains all the tools you need to create the experiences that produce satisfied prospects, leads, and residents and, ultimately, build a successful community.


A Platform with a Built-in CRM!

You treat every connection as meaningful, and your CRM should, too.


Convert and retain customers with Entrata CRM functionality.

Lead Organization

Robust tracking and transparency mean you'll never lose another lead.

Email Marketing

Automation and efficiency help you nurture leads and keep in touch with residents.

Chat and Text

Multiple options empower your prospects and residents to connect with you.

Lead Scoring

Data and analysis help you identify the leads most likely to convert.

Marketing Integrations

An open platform can connect all your marketing tools to your CRM, bringing all that data together.

Task Management

Workflow automation and reporting help you see exactly what needs to be done and when.

Call Center

Entrata's full-service contact center becomes a natural extension of your leasing office.

Jen Larimer, Community Director, Rangewater Real Estate
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Ashly Poyer, VP of Sales, PeakMade Real Estate
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Sara Graham, Director of Marketing, The Dolben Company
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Voices of Entrata Customers

You Can't Build what You Can't See

Finding lead details shouldn’t be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Our CRM provides:
  • Clear, easy-to-find visibility into each prospective renter's journey.

  • Comprehensive lead records (including lead sources and contact history).

  • Process recommendations so no leads are left behind.

You've got the details, but what about the big picture?

With Entrata CRM, you can:
  • Track and analyze campaigns with powerful data visualization dashboards.

  • Monitor and manage every step, from leads, to move-ins, and even renewals.

  • Use insights for smarter marketing decisions and smarter marketing spend.

Processes built with people in mind.

Getting multiple software systems to talk to each other isn't easy. (We know!) Our platform helps you:
  • Build seamless integrations so information isn't scattered or inconsistent.

  • Save time and effort by storing all your data in one place, regardless of origin.

  • Smoothly track each renter all the way through their leasing journey.

High-maintenance tech takes valuable time that is better spent strengthening your community. Entrata CRM:
  • Does the heavy lifting with both tools and services to save time and capture key data.

  • Helps you improve communication with both prospects and residents.

  • Actually enhances your leasing team’s productivity.

Build Better Connections

Inconsistent, bad communication is a connection-killer! Entrata CRM helps you:
  • Communicate effectively with prospects and residents.

  • Automate communications for increased efficiency.

  • Build stronger connections with the renters you serve.

The best connections are intuitive — your technology should be, too! Entrata's CRM offers:
  • Easy-to-use dashboards and interfaces.

  • Smart automations to optimize workflows.

  • Assistance to keep your teams doing the work that matters most - building relationships.

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