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Multi-Housing News
December 1 2004

The following is a list of the multi-housing industry's top providers of property management software:

American Computer Software

2800 Royal Ave., Madison, WI 53713

608-221-9449/608-221-9422 (fax)


Key Contact: Nicole Levin

Name of Flagship M-H Software: Management Plus

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

Built-in wizards to improve user accuracy (setup, move-in, move-out, certification, etc.) Intuitive workflow management Scalability: Software that fits your business as you grow Comprehensive feature set that should be seamlessly integrated User-friendly interface

Performance Edge: Management Plus stands as the industry's simplest, yet most comprehensive Windows-based property management software. From processing move-ins and move-outs to creating reports, tracking marketing efforts and organizing vital compliance information, it provides property managers with enhanced data management and nearly eliminates user error and streamlines daily processing.

AMSI, a Geac Co.

13831 Northwest Freeway, #550, Houston, TX 77040

800-851-1115/813-874-3775 (fax)


Key Contact: Owen Smith, 813-874-3344

Name of Flagship M-H Software: AMSI

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

Reporting & analysis capability based on data from AR to AP and GL. ROI vs. cost/price Ease of use for end user Ease of integration between applications for a single-source solution Core feature/functionality

Performance Edge: AMSI has always striven to be the value-add leader in the multifamily space, while centralizing our offerings to the core software solution. We have always been a market leader in integration choices, allowing clients to have full interfaces with auxiliary vendors for other pieces of their business, such as credit screening and utility billing.

Corrigo Inc.

9140 SW Pioneer Court, Suite D, Wilsonville, OR 97070

503-218-4200/503-218-4205 (fax)


Key Contact: Rick Michaux, president

Name of Flagship M-H Software: CorrigoNet

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

Increase resident satisfaction: Respond quickly, with same/one-day completion rates Identify emerging issues: Enable residents' feedback with Web-based surveys Manage turns faster: Streamline move-out and move-in details with all parties Decrease maintenance costs: Actively manage vendors via phone, fax, email or wireless device Easy, Web-based access: No internal technical support or extra hardware needed

Performance Edge: Replace paper and spreadsheet work-order and service-management chaos. Gain insight, control and communication. Regardless of whether you manage a small, local complex or huge, multi-state communities, CorrigoNet streamlines the process by delivering: increased resident satisfaction, reduced maintenance costs and real-time business management analysis and reporting.

Domin-8 Enterprise Solutions

4660 Duke Drive, Suite 210, Mason, OH 45040

513-492-5800/513-492-5811 (fax)


Key Contact: Denis Clark, VP of sales & marketing, 513-492-5800 x1036

Name of Flagship M-H Software: Domin-8 Paradigm

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

Electronic paperless leasing: Enterprise-wide enforcement of policies and procedures Integrated applicant screening and services activation: Enforceable results in minutes Yield management and advanced pricing: Pre-established policies and market conditions Centrally managed database: Single point of command and control Integrated reporting and analytics: Executive decision making through actionable intelligence

Performance Edge: Domin-8's Paradigm is an enterprise-wide, fully integrated, Web-based property management solution. Paradigm enables the centralized management and control of every aspect of a property's business. Paradigm delivers quantifiable results by: reducing costs of operations; improving business efficiencies and employee productivity; and increasing revenue and profits.

Integrated Business Systems Inc.

81 Two Bridges Road, Bldg. 1, Fairfield, NJ 07004

973-575-4950/973-575-4953 (fax)


Key Contact: Scott Donnelly, 973-575-4950 x140

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

Complete site management, prospect tracking, lease analysis and vacancy reporting Flexible billing options and diversified collection management (lockbox, ACH, etc.) Compliance with real estate governing agencies Legal tracking and dispossess administration Date-sensitive open-item AR, AP, GL and financial reporting

Performance Edge: The IBS browser-based product can be customized extensively. Implementations are tailored to suit the individual property management and accounting needs of a wide range of clients while providing the same strong, reliable, product and data integrity across the board. IBS users range from mid-size owners to very large enterprises.

Intuit Real Estate Solutions

23945 Mercantile Rd., Cleveland, OH 44122

800-321-8770/216-464-3225 (phone), 216-464-5488 (fax)


Key Contact: Steve Lloyd, 800-321-8770

Name of Flagship M-H Software: MRI Residential

Software's Key Functionalities:

Total solution integrates all onsite operations by incorporating a complete spectrum of business-to-resident and business-to-business services Empowers current and future residents with 24/7 access to a full suite of leasing and resident services. They can shop for an apartment or pay their rent online The SmartLease process maximizes revenue. Leasing associates are stepped through selections, presented with clear rentable item options and all calculations are handled by the system Increase focus on resident services by automating time-consuming administrative processes like lease renewals and posting resident checks With event management technology, clients can tell the system what they want to know -- if occupancy falls below 97 percent at any property, or if delinquencies rise above 5 percent and the system alerts them the instant those thresholds are reached Personalized role pages bring together all the tools and data clients need to do their job -- increasing productivity Affordable housing and tax-credit functionality supports compliance, property management and accounting requirements -- bringing new efficiencies to a client's complete portfolio Fully integrated AP and GL functionality streamlines processes Powerful, flexible reporting provides a clear view of property performance for home office and executive analysis. Web platform enables data access from anywhere.

Competitive Edge: IRES has been a leading provider of property management software solutions to the residential industry for more than 30 years. Being part of Intuit, a leading provider of business and financial management solutions with an annual revenue of nearly $2 billion, gives IRES the strength and stability to serve their clients' needs into the future.

Client-driven innovation, a process of involving clients in all phases of the product development process, is one of Intuit's core philosophies and results in products that work the way their clients do.

In addition, the robust functionality of IRES not only simplifies the way their clients work, but also provides the data that drives profitable decisions.

Client Testimonial: "Working with a leading-edge technology provider like IRES has allowed us to improve operational efficiencies and ultimately enhance our residents' experience. IRES' Web-based solution, and its intuitive workflow technology, gives us more time to focus on our core business -- our residents."

-- Warren Davis, VP of budgeting and planning for Mid-America Apartment Communities

Note from the President: "MRI Residential streamlines administrative processes, ensuring focus remains on providing superior resident and prospect service. In addition, powerful reporting and data-analysis capabilities provide the intelligence that drives profitability."

--Robert C. Ballou, president of Intuit Real Estate Solutions

Implementation Advantages: IRES' in-house implementation team applies advanced technology and industry knowledge to help clients adapt the software to their operations, on time and on budget. As a client's business grows, IRES' consulting team can provide the tools and expertise to ensure the product grows with them.

Training Advantages: IRES offers a variety of training options to accommodate any client's timeframe, budget and preferred learning style. Mediums include:

Classroom Training Customized Onsite Training Live, Web-based Training Self-Paced E-learning

With IRES' comprehensive training, clients can maximize the value of their technology investment by learning how to utilize the product to its full capacity.

Integration with Key Tech Partners: Ensuring MRI Residential is a comprehensive solution, IRES has built interfaces with a number of reputable companies that provide valuable services to the residential industry, including lease creation, credit checks, utility billing, tax credit and valuation.

Koriel REP Inc.

One S. Ocean Blvd., Suite 307, Boca Raton, FL 33432

561-361-0800/561-361-0803 (fax)


Key Contact: Lance Cain, 888-456-7435

Name of Flagship M-H Software: Rheo

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

Leasing: Guest cards, applications, leases, move in/out, renewals AR: Resident/vendor receipts, receipt allocation, scanned check electronic processing Maintenance: Work/purchase orders and completion status, resident online service request Reporting: Real time, property-specific and consolidated company, PDF or Excel formats AP: Invoice voucher entry, payment status/budget real-time updates

Performance Edge: Rheo, as a Microsoft.NET-based system, provides unlimited interface and data-exchange capabilities with business systems of all kinds. Rheo serves as the client's central data management platform coordinating the exchange of information between multiple cost-saving and revenue-enhancing services such as applicant screening and electronic payment processing.

LandlordMax Software Inc.

2195 Beaumont Rd., Ottawa, Ontario, K1H 5V4



Name of Flagship M-H Software: LandlordMax V1.08

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

Easiest property management software to use and learn Fully cross-referenced data across the application Over 100 reports Accounting entries list is color coded Work-order entries and tracking for reporting

Performance Edge: Easiest property management software to use and learn; unlimited data entries (units, tenants, buildings, etc.); free unlimited email technical support; free software upgrades up to approximately one year. Accounting entries list is color coded for how early/late an entry is as well as if it's been paid early, it's due, late, partially paid or completed.

Logicbuilt Inc.

544 S. Pacific St., #D-101, San Marcos, CA 92078

800-GO-LOGIC/800-706-3299 (fax)


Key Contact: Bryan Keith, 800-GO-LOGIC x1050

Name of Flagship M-H Software: Manage-IT Property Management Software

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

Call-center interface: Allows users to quickly locate units in a call-center-style GUI Full accounting, including automated postings and multiple bank functionality Pop-Ups: Warn users of specific, triggered events ensuring accountability Integrated letter writer and notes that record all user information Built in paperless office document management and knowledge-base system

Performance Edge: Our price point is significantly more attractive without losing the functionality of being a higher-end software.

Peak Property Management Software

5440 Harvest Hill, #186, Dallas, TX 75230


Key Contact: Julie Creasey, VP of sales & marketing, 866-296-0324 x16

In Their Own Words:

Key Functionalities:

Integrated accounting package with GL, AR and AP Handles property management for multifamily, commercial, retail and HOA Contains an ownership reporting module Creates purchase orders for invoicing. Organizes and tracks maintenance requests.

Performance Edge: Peak is superior because of its proven stability. As an all-in-one package for property management, it does not contain bulky interfaces. Peak contains free training videos within the product and a parking module. Security can be maintained down to the task level. Multiple deployment methods are available.

Property Automation Software Corp.

1100 Centennial Boulevard, Suite 230, Richardson, TX 75081

800-964-2792/972-231-6290 (fax)


Name of Flagship M-H Software: Tenant Pro 7.0

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

Fully integrated: No entering data twice with integration to QuickBooks and Microsoft Office E-pay option: Never go to the bank again thanks to electronic check processing Reports can be exported: All fully customizable reports can be exported into Word, Excel, PDF or HTML Move-In, move-out and tenant-payment wizards: These simplify some of your most common transactions Even easier to use: From customizable toolbars to a new interface, it's even easier to use

Performance Edge: Tenant Pro 7.0 brings an array of new features, with more customization tools to offer you maximum flexibility. This brand-new version offers the features users have clamored for, including QuickBooks and Microsoft Office integration (including Outlook and Word), multiple leases per tenant (for garages, etc.), even electronic check processing.

PropertyBoss Solutions LLC

403 Woods Lake Rd., Suite 208, Greenville, SC 29607

864-297-7661/864-297-7047 (fax)


Key Contact: Lance Plumblee, 800-562-0661 x4

Name of Flagship M-H Software: PropertyBoss 2004

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

PropertyCert: Visual work-flow tool for Section 42 affordable housing compliance PropertyPay: ACH (checking account debits) and credit card transactions Management reporting: Over 100 pre-designed views of important operating information Merlin custom reporting: Live reporting, drill-downs and unlimited custom fields PropertySecure: Integrated credit and criminal status reports

Performance Edge: PropertyBoss provides an intuitive, yet powerful lease-based approach to property management, allowing users to follow residents from lead through lease. The notebook structure for properties, units, leases, prospects, task, etc. makes locating important information quick and easy while hiding the complexities of the accounting transactions.

Property Solutions

522 South 100 West, Provo, UT 84601

877-826-9700/801-705-1835 (fax)


Key Contact: Benjamin Zimmer, business development, 801-318-6384

Name of Flagship M-H Software: ResidentWorks

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

Management module: Complete property management software (including multiple space-per-unit management) Payment module: Major credit cards (including VISA), ACH, auto-debit, auto-posting to GL Maintenance module: Work-order submission by residents or management through apartment Web site Lead management module: Online applications, online deposit payment, guest cards, lead tracking Accounting module: Complete QuickBooks integration for accounting

Performance Edge: Our resident portal integration is an innovative database design that supports Web site integration for managing online submissions of leads, work orders and payments. Our automated payment integration means automated rent payments post directly to general ledger. With our multiple-space-per-unit management capability, the database may easily accommodate multiple spaces per unit, such as with student housing.


11140 Rockville Pike, Suite 100, PMB 1250, Rockville, MD 20852

240-715-1216/301-340-7015 (fax)


Key Contact: Laura Farrelly, director of marketing, 720-947-5592

Name of Flagship M-H Software: Foundation

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

Foundation is Web-based property management software that manages the entire resident lifecycle Expense advantage: Portfolio-wide management of spending, budgets, purchasing and vendors Financials: Provides centralized financial reporting and management of GL, AP and AR Business intelligence: Advanced reporting provides information and insights for portfolio management Integrations: Open architecture/standards support allows integration with internal and external software

Performance Edge: Realeum property management software integrates and streamlines key operations and delivers the vital business intelligence needed to optimize profitability. Property-specific or portfolio-wide, Realeum gives unprecedented visibility into all property processes and operations -- so you can evaluate their impact and respond with changes that make a positive bottom line difference.

RealPage Inc.

4000 International Parkway, Carrollton, TX 75007

877-325-7243/972-820-3383 (fax)


Key Contact: Mark Case, senior VP of sales

Name of Flagship M-H Software: OneSite

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

Anytime, anywhere access to real-time information about your properties Enforces standardized practices and policies across all properties Real-time pricing and availability keeps leasing office open 24/7 Offers integrated asset management and call-center options Reduces cost of ownership through Web-based architecture

Performance Edge: OneSite's product suite is the most comprehensive, integrated system offered to manage multifamily properties. This Web-based system leverages the Internet to drive incremental revenue to properties and provide unprecedented access to information necessary for improving property performance. Centralized control allows you to enforce standardized practices and policies and streamline workflow.

RealInsight Inc.

8445 Freeport Parwkay, Suite 200, Irving, TX 75063

972-870-0785/972-870-0942 (fax)


Key Contact: Alan Melville, 972-870-0785 x104

Name of Flagship M-H Software: RealBridge Enterprise Budgeting

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

Budgeting/forecasting/cash-flow modeling (property, corporate or partnership) Integrates with accounting packages Deploy models over Internet, Intranet or Citrix Uses your own Excel templates, built/supported by your analysts Centralized database backend automates consolidations and reporting

Performance Edge: With RealBridge, you budget your way, but without the spreadsheet headaches, by providing your budget team a way to manage centralized data, master templates, security and integration with accounting packages. Unlike other products, RealBridge combines spreadsheet flexibility with database power, and your analysts keep control -- no programming required.

RentRight Inc.

P.O. Box 750790, Dayton, OH 45475

800-736-8065/937-886-9108 (fax)


Key Contact: Lea Li, 800-736-8065 x19

Name of Flagship M-H Software: RentRight Property Management Software

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

Organize your buildings, units, tenants, owners, contractors, appliances and mortgages Never miss your rent and work orders with RentRight Reminder feature Write checks; track your expenses by categories, buildings and owners Financial/accounting reports; preloaded landlord/tenant letters and forms; credit check Secure; scalable; network-able; QuickBooks-compatible; complete property management and accounting solution

Product's Performance Edge: Our 20,000 users love RentRight for its ease of use and best pricing. Effort-saver: Fully functioning, 30-day free demo transfers data seamlessly into licensed copy. No risk: Receive full credit when you upgrade. Great service: Complimentary, do-it-yourself and paid-support packages serve different user needs. Permanent license: No yearly fees; free updates.

Skyline/SS&C Technologies

30 West Monroe, Suite 1700, Chicago, IL 60603

312-443-7531/312-443-7544 (fax)


Key Contact: Mark Ziemba, national director, 312-443-7531

Name of Flagship M-H Software: Skyline Residential

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

Full-integration within a single database, from marketing to prospecting tenants to move-in of residents Integrated GL and financial reporting with property operations/leasing Onsite work flow & applications customized by home office policies with full security Complete reporting available, standard, custom and efficient batch production Amenity based pricing, ACH e-commerce & HUD compliance available.

Performance Edge: Classic Skyline stability and strong back office is totally integrated with front-office marketing and leasing process. Single keystroke, single entry of prospect information flows through to resident move-in and billing. ACH and lockbox fill out E-commerce suite. Skyline 2005 with Residential is a complete solution for central office and site management using internet technology. ASP available upon request.

Timberline, a Best Software Co.

15195 NW Greenbrier Parkway, Beaverton, OR 97006

800-628-6583/503-439-5950 (fax)


Key Contact: Pete Kent, 503-439-5919, [email protected]

Name of Flagship M-H Software: Timberline Office Residential Management

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

Single database provides instant integration between financial operations and accounting Customizable desktop enables a quick start to every workday Several standard and custom reports for leasing, auditing, accounting requirements. Quick access feature to ledger, charges, cash receipts, calculator, reports Track budgeted amounts instantly when purchase orders/invoices are created

Performance Edge: Specific for property managers, Timberline Office Residential Management enables real-time data and one-time data entry. Through a single system, data entered for each property generates general ledger transactions and accounts payable invoices for that property. And with central management, head office personnel can grant data-access permissions on a site-by-site basis.

Turtle Creek Software

116 S. Cayuga St., Ithaca, NY 14850

607-272-1008/607-277-9212 (fax)


Key Contact: K. C. McDermott, 607-272-1008

Name of Flagship M-H Software: Goldenseal

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

Rental management: Lease tracking, billing, rental payments, deposits Tenant management: Contact details, appointments, mailings Accounting: Check writing, AR, AP, expense tracking Cost estimating: Repair and construction project estimates Project management: Manage new construction, repairs, maintenance

Performance Edge: Integrated, inexpensive property management software for owners of five to 100 rental units. A step up from QuickBooks and other general accounting programs, with many key features for property managers.

Yardi Systems

430 S. Fairview Ave, Goleta, CA 931117



Key Contact: Bryant Shoemaker, 800-866-1144 x102

Name of Flagship M-H Software: Yardi Voyager

In Their Own Words:

Software's Key Functionalities:

Property management: Suitable for every property type: conventional residential, affordable, tax credit and more Web browser-based: Allows real-time access to a centralized database General ledger with accounts payable and accounts receivable: Fully integrated with the property management system Applicant tracking with workflow: Streamlines the processing of complex information Hundreds of standard and customizable reports covering financial statements and registers, properties, tenants, units and more

Performance Edge: Yardi offers a superior and more tailored system for more types of companies by providing comprehensive accounting and financial management, a wide array of optional modules and technology delivery choices--including Yardi Voyager's completely Web browser-based technology that allows real-time access to a centralized database; and Yardi ASP (application hosting).

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