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Property Solutions Simplifies Management

May 1 2004

Thomas Edison said, "If there is a better solution -- find it." Finally a company has introduced a better solution for property management. Property Solutions is cutting costs and making managers' and residents' lives easier by being the first web-based software application to provide a circular flow of information (between property manager, resident, community website, and management software). Here's how it works.

Property Solutions' Vantage XP System is centered on an innovative Website Generation System. Using the system, an apartment manager with limited technology know-how can -- in a matter of minutes -- create a website for a given property and add pictures, virtual tours, and contact information to that website. After the website is created, residents go to the apartment community website to pay rent, submit maintenance requests, or even reserve an apartment. Websites created by the Vantage XP System are completely integrated with management software. That means online rent payments are automatically updated to the rent roll, online maintenance requests are posted directly to the maintenance register, and online applications are immediately emailed to on-site managers.

Because the system is built in modules, Property Solutions Software may serve as either a complete management/marketing solution, or apartment owners may choose to implement only specific modules that integrate with their current management software (Example: integrating just the Payment System).

Website Generation System (editor, virtual tours, interactive maps, tours) (Patent Pending) Payment System (credit card, e-check, automatic posting to rent roll) Maintenance System (telephone and online work order submission) Application System (online, real-time apartment reservation) (Patent Pending) Credit Check System (credit retrieval software that integrates with online applications) Vacancy Posting System (real-time vacancy posting to Vacancy.com) Email System (free resident email accounts, scheduled rent reminders, newsletters) Management System (complete resident management software) Marketing System (lead follow-up, statistical tracking, search-engine optimization)

More than ever, the Internet is influencing the multifamily property management industry. "I believe the Internet will become a vital part of the apartment marketing mix," said Terry Jones, founder of Travelocity. Given that already 36 percent of apartment searches are done online, Property Solutions' biggest strength is in its collection of online marketing tools, such as real-time vacancy posting and online applications that integrate with management software. "Property Solutions" strength lies in its ability to enhance the effectiveness of a property management company's online and off-line marketing," commented David Freeman, President and CEO of Glenwood Intermountain Properties, Inc.

Property Solutions' additional value comes from its ease of use. Every system by Property Solutions is built with user-friendly wizards, making it easy for even first-time users to process rent payments, run credit checks, or change community website content.

Benefits of using Property Solutions

Higher occupancy Easier for managers Easier for residents and potential residents Faster payment collection, increasing your bottom line

Property Solutions International, Inc. targets multifamily property management companies with portfolios of 100 to 5,000 units but is currently seeking partnerships with companies that manage 5,000 units or more to influence the direction of development. For further information about Property Solutions' software and services, visit Property Solutions' website at www.propertysolutions.com or call toll free at (877) 826-9700.

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