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Jamie Jacobsen
June 17 2003

Here today at BYU...

"...We're just going to give it a go, we just see a lot of opportunity with this right now. We have been thinking of little businesses since we were kids'"

BYU graduate Ben Zimmer and his partner, Dave Bateman, recently won the BYU Marriott School Business Plan Competition. The two designed software to help with property management. Zimmer and Bateman produced a complete business plan and then presented their idea to a panel of judges.

"These are judges that are in a lot of different industries and they evaluate your business based on the marketing, the product, the company, the management -- then each one of these categories has it's own weight and then the overall score determines the winner."

Bateman was named Entrepreneur of the Year last year after he and Zimmer started their first business, a missionary letter service called Zimmer says with DearElder going well, his focus will be on Property Solutions.

"Well, we're launching. We are in phase one right now just marketing websites to apartment management companies, in July we're going to be rolling out beta testing on the software. We have a few other management companies that are helping us get feedback and polish the product."

BYU graduate Ben Zimmer. For more information go to, and click on today at BYU.

I'm Jamie Jacobsen.

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