Multifamily Management Inc. Champions Online Efficiency and Service with Property Solutions' Single Platform

February 20 2014

10,000-unit portfolio launches Entrata property management software at 33 properties

Lehi, UT --February 20, 2014-- Multifamily Management Inc. (MMI) announced its selection of Property Solutions for a comprehensive suite of online tools, including portals, payments, leasing, resident management, and accounting. Based in Mobile, Alabama, MMI is collaborating with the multifamily industry's first and only open-access Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider to bring a full array of technology solutions to community associates and residents through a convenient single-interface web environment. Additionally, the company is launching Entrata Core free property management software for a seamless flow of real-time information on one database.

MMI first began considering Property Solutions for web portals in June of 2013. "The conversation started with websites, but when we saw everything that Entrata offers and what it could do for our company, we pretty much fell in love," said Director of Marketing Josh Young. MMI compared and examined the system's functionality, and observed a distinct advantage in performance and ease of use. "Navigating through the platform to execute any sort of task, you see how fluid it is from marketing to accounting to management," he explained. "It's more efficient and effective across the board."

Another strong factor was browser and device compatibility. "The ability to access our data at any time on any device is huge," said Young. "Wherever you are, you can pull the data you need in order to assess any immediate issues or requirements." Property Solutions' single platform has long been browser and device agnostic, and the upcoming release of Entrata Tablet will bring user-provisioned admin control in a native tablet app.

Although its 10,000-unit portfolio carries a considerable portion of class C and D properties, MMI places an equal importance on online resident conveniences for all audiences they serve. "Our industry is facing an entire generation of renters who have completely grown up in an internet-connected world that defines nearly every area of their life--including that initial apartment search to eventually renewing their leasing online and everything inbetween," Young said. "Whatever the market, online technology impacts all housing sectors; but the real competitive advantage comes when you can create an online experience that's seamless, easy, and engaging."

"It's incredible to work alongside companies like Multifamily Management who see just how intensely people at all levels are seeking that intuitive connection with technology," said Property Solutions CEO Dave Bateman. "When we make it quick and simple for them to manage online, residents and staff are empowered and everyone benefits."

"Property Solutions understands the importance of where we need to take our company in the next five to ten years, and Entrata is the most promising way to get us there," said MMI's Josh Young. Property Solutions' Entrata PaaS and Entrata Core property management software are free, open-access offerings, with no licensing fees, user fees, or integration fees. Those interested in learning more are encouraged to visit

About Multifamily Management Inc.

For over 50 years, Multifamily Management Inc. (MMI) has worked to provide the highest quality management services to apartment communities throughout the southern states, more recently expanding into New York and the Midwest. MMI continually seeks to increase the asset value throughout its 10,000-unit portfolio with proven excellence and industry experience. By working closely with a diversity of operational stakeholders and promoting strong service standards, the company is committed to giving residents a care-free living experience. For more information, go to

About Property Solutions

Founded in 2003, Property Solutions is the only comprehensive property management software provider with a single-login, open-access Platform as a Service (PaaS) system. Offering a wide variety of online tools including websites, mobile apps, payments, lease signing, accounting, and resident management, Property Solutions' Entrata PaaS currently serves more than 20,000 apartment communities nationwide, including 28 of the NMHC Top 50 Largest Managers. Property Solutions' open API and superior selection of third-party integrations offer management companies the freedom to choose the technology and software that best fit their needs. For more information, go to


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