FPI Management Selects Property Solutions as a Preferred Provider for Portals and Payments

February 26 2013

Top management company rolls out ProspectPortal, ResidentPortal, and ResidentPay services

Lehi, UT --February 26, 2013-- FPI Management Inc., one of the largest management firms in the U.S., announces its partnership with Property Solutions International, Inc. to create and manage website portals and payments for more than 50 properties across 11 states. The partnership is slated to bring customizable websites--with user-friendly admin tools and robust analytics--as well as integrated payment solutions.

Over the course of 2012, FPI conducted comprehensive research and testing on the Property Solutions system, which ultimately prompted a partnership that includes more than 50 properties. "I received unanimous positive feedback about how effective the Property Solutions platform is, the practicality and simplicity of their products, and how knowledgeable and accommodating their team is," said Carrie Briggs, FPI's Director of Marketing. "That is what initially sparked our decision to bring on Property Solutions."

The transforming consumer landscape was becoming increasingly apparent, and the leadership at FPI saw an opportunity to adapt their technology strategy to evolving behaviors and preferences of their intended audiences. "The past year has brought amazing changes in design and technology, which have fueled our drive to partner with a company that understands the shift in customers' expectations and the mediums they're using to find their next home," said Briggs. "With Property Solutions we found a partner that is committed to researching what's on the horizon, identifying how it's going to impact property management, and most importantly, delivering real-time solutions so we're right on par with what our customers need."

Websites were granted particular consideration in FPI's decision. The flexibility and customization supplied through ProspectPortal allows FPI to easily outfit each property's unique web presence, while maintaining consistent branding and oversight at a corporate level. As Carrie Briggs explained, "The tools available through Property Solutions align with how we envision the future of our online presence. It's not just having a website--it's every detail of that website." She emphasized the importance of the reporting features, "The analytics Property Solutions provides are the key to us understanding, not just why these tools are relevant, but how effective they are. I can tell you from my perspective, I'm excited to see these reports continue to grow and show us more dynamic information to benefit our clients."

When managing technology services for more than 50 properties, implementation and training play a key role in successful launch and adoption. FPI recognized the merits of Property Solutions in anticipation of successful roll-out. According to Carrie Briggs, "It's easy to use at the onsite level, and instead of having our leasing agents go to multiple programs or different platforms, they can access everything from the Property Solutions dashboard, saving time and money."

Illustrating the benefits for residents, Briggs explained, "After a long day's work, our valued residents have the freedom to get online, make work orders, check their ledger, and fulfill payments. That's the ease of technology we can provide with Property Solutions."

For FPI, Briggs believes the coming year is poised to deliver exciting changes, "We want to continue to be an industry leader by providing the tools which build customer relationships, empower onsite staff, and bring ease of technology and value-driven pricing to clients." Property Solutions CEO Dave Bateman echoed in accord, "FPI has long been a frontrunner in the multifamily sector, and we're thrilled to be apart of what they're doing. With their proven dedication to deliver the best possible service, the incorporation of these new tools will help ensure their lasting success."

About FPI Management

With over 40 years of experience, FPI Management Inc. has positioned itself as a recognized leader in the multifamily industry. FPI Management has developed comprehensive expertise in all aspects of property management and encountered virtually all marketing, physical and administrative challenges. Headquartered in Folsom, CA, FPI's portfolio boasts 60,000 units across ten states, from Alaska to Virginia. For more information, go to http://www.fpimgt.com.

About Property Solutions

Founded in 2003, Property Solutions International, Inc. is the only single-platform property management software provider with a comprehensive, cloud-based product suite. Offering a wide variety of online tools including websites, mobile apps, payments, lease signing, accounting, and resident management, Property Solutions' robust technology platform currently serves more than 20,000 apartment communities nationwide, including 28 of the NMHC Top 50 Largest Managers. Property Solutions' open API and superior selection of third-party integrations offer management companies the freedom to choose the technology and software that best fit their needs. For more information, go to http://www.propertysolutions.com.


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