Fogelman Management Group Partners with Property Solutions for Core Technology

January 15 2013

Property Solutions is selected as preferred technology provider to Fogelman's 20,000-unit portfolio

Lehi, UT (PRWEB) --January 15, 2012-- Fogelman Management Group, a Memphis-based firm operating since 1963, announces its partnership with Property Solutions International, Inc. to act as its preferred technology provider for more than 60 apartment communities located across 14 states. After conducting several months of tests and evaluations on leading software vendors in targeted product areas, Fogelman Management Group (FMG) selected Property Solutions to develop and implement a comprehensive suite of technology throughout their portfolio; including portals, payments, online leasing, ILS services, mobile sites, and iPad leasing through SiteTablet. The move aligns with FMG's overall corporate vision to pioneer the latest technology directly geared toward a more convenient, hassle-free customer experience at the property level.

Currently managing approximately 20,000 apartment homes throughout the Southeast, Midwest, and Southwest regions of the U.S., FMG places a strong emphasis on resident relations. "Our aim is to lead the industry in services provided to our consumers: anything we can do to make their lives easier when picking a new home, moving in, and then managing their residency. That's our end goal," explained Melissa Smith, Executive Vice President of Internal Operations.

In particular, FMG recognized a large opportunity to serve their evolving customer base through features including mobile sites and web-based communication. "Consumers are headed into a mobile, online world, so anything we can do to help streamline the leasing cycle with online tools is going to help. That, and any administrative redundancies we can eliminate at the property level are going to give our onsite staff the time to make each face-to-face customer interaction truly exceptional."

In November of 2011, FMG began researching software providers to supply their core technology suite. Smith outlined their principal considerations, "It's really the quality of the product and how well it works, as well as the training and support behind it. Beyond that, we wanted ease of use for all the parties involved--from our end-user consumer, to onsite staff, and at the corporate level." She also stressed the importance of collaboration in FMG's partner relationships, "We don't want just standard vendors. We need somebody who's eager to partner and grow with us. And in this case, we also needed a company with a strong niche in those core products, that would continue to evolve as technologies and consumer wants and needs evolved."

After testing different software providers on select pilot properties, they gathered observations from onsite personnel and the corporate team through a series of focus groups that compared their differing experiences with competing vendors. "We brought in employees from every organizational level to achieve broad perspective," said Smith. "From the site-level users who would report feedback from prospect and residents, to the back-office team who could tell us about the stability of integrations: Resoundingly, hands-down, Property Solutions won on all accounts."

The effectiveness of Property Solutions was also evidenced in the analytics they monitored. "To me the biggest sales benefit is consumer engagement at the property," said FMG's vice president of operations, "Which provider shows the highest payment penetration? Who has the highest adoption of online work orders? And that's where we saw a definite difference in what Property Solutions offers."

With implementation already in progress, changes for prospects and residents will come in several forms. As Smith describes, "It will bring an ease of use for our end users that makes the whole leasing experience a more fluid process." Expressing his anticipation for the partnership, Property Solutions CEO Dave Bateman said, "We love having the opportunity to work with companies like Fogelman that are truly service-driven, because they're fully in-tune with their consumers, they jump on our products and get the users on-board, and they see amazing results."

About Fogelman Management Group

Fogelman Management Group, LLC (FMG) is a privately held, full service property management organization, founded in 1963 and headquartered in Memphis, Tenn. With a diverse portfolio of more than 60 communities spanning 12 states in the Southeast, Midwest, and Southwest regions of the U.S., FMG also maintains regional offices in Atlanta, San Antonio, Raleigh, N.C., and Kansas City, Mo. The company currently manages approximately 20,000 apartment homes with an aggregate value of more than $1.5 billion, and has over 500 full time associates. For more information, go to

About Property Solutions

Founded in 2003, Property Solutions International, Inc. is the nation's largest provider of apartment community websites and a leading developer of innovative property management software tools. Currently serving 27 of the NMHC Top 50 Largest Managers, the company offers a variety of web based solutions for leasing, rent collection, and maintenance request processing. Property Solutions' web portals and electronic payment processing tools offer the advantage of full data integration with most widely-used property management software packages. For more information, go to


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