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Property Solutions Launches Mobile SEO for Apple Maps, Siri Voice, and Mobile Apps

October 16 2012

Industry-leading SEO team pioneers mobile local search optimization for multifamily residential properties

Provo, UT (PRWEB) --October 16, 2012-- Property Solutions International, Inc., the largest provider of property management websites and payments, announced the release of mobile local search engine optimization services for Apple Maps, Siri, and top mobile local search apps. In light of exponential consumer trends toward mobile web browsing, Property Solutions is now optimizing property websites for the nation's most common mobile search platforms in order to reach a burgeoning population of smartphone users. This new feature now comes standard for all SEO clients and is effective immediately for companies already using Property Solutions' SEO services.

For roughly half of all American adults, online mobile browsing has become an established daily practice according to an April 2012 study by the Pew Research Center. And with 95 percent of smartphone users performing searches from their device--as Ipsos reported in February 2012--a new realm of SEO has been unearthed for those seeking to put their online content at the fingertips of this developing consumer group. "Mobile technology doesn't search the same as your desktop browser. It's a largely uncharted sector of SEO," said Property Solutions SEO Manager Jon Searle, "but with the way things are headed, our clients have the potential to reap large benefits from our efforts to get in on the ground floor."

People performing searches from their smartphone are acting with an intent to respond: 89 percent that perform a local search then follow up with action, whether it be a purchase, in-store visit, phone call, etc. Implications for the multifamily industry are all too clear. "There's a substantial population of prospective residents who are out there using their phones to find their next home," Searle said. "So we've begun to implement a comprehensive local mobile SEO strategy to get our clients' communities to appear at the top of the screen."

As of July 2012, Apple products accounted for a third of smartphones in the U.S. according to comScore. In order to better reach those 78 million iPhone users, Property Solutions has chosen to target Apple Maps and Siri Voice in their new local mobile SEO services. "Apple is a dominant player in the smartphone market," Searle explained. "The recent release of Apple Maps has been hit with intense criticism, but you saw the same thing when Google first released their web mapping service, and now Google Maps has become the standard. Apple Maps will inevitably see adoption, and we're confident that this venture to optimize for Apple Maps' unique metrics will put our SEO clients on top when prospects try to find an apartment on their iPhone."

Siri is Apple's intelligent knowledge navigator, interacting with users through "natural language" voice commands and accounting for an estimated 4.8 percent of all local mobile searches according to David Mihm, a leading online marketing practitioner. As with Apple Maps, traditional SEO strategies aren't conducive to Siri's unique search engine. "Siri's rankings are a combination of proximity, online ratings, and natural language keywords. So when optimizing for Siri, the keywords we select for multifamily properties need to reflect the ordinary everyday speech that the product was created to recognize," explained Searle.

Property Solutions' mobile SEO services also include optimization for leading mobile local search apps. Yelp, YP Mobile, Foursquare, and Bing are just a few of the location-based mobile apps that function as search engines for Apple and Android devices. Considering the average smartphone user in the U.S. has over 25 apps installed on their phone, according to Ipsos, mobile applications warrant their own specific SEO tactics in order to help ensure that properties have favorable visibility across different platforms. Those interested in learning more about Property Solutions' proven SEO services are asked to contact their sales representative or visit http://www.propertysolutions.com.

About Property Solutions

Founded in 2003, Property Solutions International, Inc. is the nation's largest provider of apartment community websites and a leading developer of innovative property management software tools. Currently serving 27 of the NMHC Top 50 Largest Managers, the company offers a variety of web based solutions for leasing, rent collection, and maintenance request processing. Property Solutions' web portals and electronic payment processing tools offer the advantage of full data integration with most widely-used property management software packages. For more information, go to http://www.propertysolutions.com.


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