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Premier Properties Uses Online Tools to Enhance Service and Communication at Newly-Acquired Chestnut Hill Tower

September 20 2012

In a neighborhood characterized by nostalgic hometown charm, Property Solutions' online services go a long way

Provo, UT (PRWEB) --September 20, 2012-- In early spring of this year, when Premier Properties added Philadelphia's Chestnut Hill Tower to its applauded portfolio of commercial and multifamily properties, they quickly identified the technology situation as a prime target to increase performance and efficiency. "Basically, the property was stuck in 1990," said Jack Adler, a managing partner at New Jersey-based Premier Properties.

While the atmosphere, people, and architecture of the area exude a much sought-after nostalgia, there was a need for modernization in Chestnut Hill's online management tools. "Residents had no access to their files or balances. And so with the change of management, many were hoping for some improvement in the property's use of technology and online presence."

As Premier began to explore different services offered by multifamily software companies, Property Solutions soon went from contender to front-runner in the minds and cost/benefit analyses of Premier's upper-level management. "I think it really started with the payment option. We heard about Property Solutions from other operators that use it for payments, and once we looked further into it, and compared many other options, we finally zeroed-in on Property Solutions to service all our needs under one platform," said the Premier executive. "We were looking for a full toolbox, so we wouldn't be going to three different service providers and having to deal with different teams. Once we found that Property Solutions incorporated all of this in a single platform, that was perfect for us."

Beginning in May, Premier Properties and Property Solutions began implementing a strong set of online tools, and Chestnut Hill Tower plunged into the vast, bountiful waters of online management. For the first time, on-site staff are able to access and manage complete, digital records for all operations at the property. At Premier's headquarters in New Jersey, management is granted live oversight on everything happening at Chestnut Hill.

But to the people at Premier Properties, above all else, this new technology is about opening up more opportunities for transparency and communication with residents. "We are quickly approaching the point where every resident expects the opportunity to interact with management online," he explained. "Our primary focus is tenant satisfaction. That was really one of the big reasons why we incorporated Property Solutions at Chestnut Hill Tower--to give residents the best service we could."

Online work orders is one area where Premier Properties is seeing this creed evidenced in action. Head maintenance supervisor Rich Potter described recent changes, "Before, residents would call into the office and we would file a three-part written work order for each request; but the paperwork wasn't always readily available and it wasn't uncommon for requests to get lost in the shuffle. It was a mess. With work orders now coming in through ResidentWorks and its integration with the Property Solutions admin dashboard, we have full oversight on any work order, and they're being turned around in 24-hours. We are already getting extremely positive feedback. Residents love the fact that they are involved in the process and know that they're being heard."

Chestnut Hill Tower has shown a rapid increase in online participation from its residents, which is right in-line with the expectations of the people at Premier Management. According to their managing partner, "We hope to have the largest percentage of residents enrolled [in ResidentPortal] as possible. It might take a while, but we really hope to move all processes online through Property Solutions, wherever applicable."

The property and its residents remain rooted in the area's community-minded values. As one resident described, "...It is a friendly, polite building, [with] people of all ages, cultures and ethnic backgrounds that make it into a community of sorts; [where] people help you carry heavy loads, hold doors, speak hello and wish others a good day or evening." Proving that even as the multifamily industry increasingly turns to online resources, close relationships are not only sustained, but fostered and strengthened.

About Premier Properties

Premier Properties of Lakewood, N.J. is a private real estate investment firm with a portfolio of office and multifamily holdings along the East Coast. Founded in 2001, Premier Properties is known for its hands-on approach and strong focus on resident satisfaction--striving for site operations which provide the high level of service and responsiveness. Located in one of the region's most architecturally-distinguished communities, Chestnut Hill Tower is a 240-unit, 18-story luxury high-rise in historic Northwest Philadelphia. For more information, go to http://www.chestnuthilltower.com.

About Property Solutions

Founded in 2003, Property Solutions International, Inc. is the nation's largest provider of apartment community websites and a leading developer of innovative property management software tools. The company offers a variety of web based solutions for leasing, rent collection, and maintenance request processing. Property Solutions' web portals and electronic payment processing tools offer the advantage of full data integration with most widely-used property management software packages. For more information, go to http://www.propertysolutions.com.


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