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Property Solutions and SatisFacts Research Announce Strategic Alliance

June 22 2009

Property Solutions (www.propertysolutions.com) and SatisFacts Research (www.satisfacts.com) are pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached to create a new strategic alliance. This alliance includes several components. Property Solutions will offer SatisFacts Insite touchpoint customer service modules as a robust resident and prospect feedback system to integrate into their property and prospect portals. In addition, each firm will cross-promote the other's services so as to offer multifamily operators a comprehensive resident and prospect communication solution.

Property Solutions is the nation`s largest provider of apartment community web sites, providing property management tools to management companies in all 50 states, ranging in size from 50,000 units or more under management to less than 100 units. Their robust product suite includes the Resident Portal, Resident Pay and Prospect Portal tools. Property Solutions employs a dynamic team of software developers, technical support staff, and account representatives, all dedicated to creating and implementing the best property management tools available.

SatisFacts Research has worked with over one million units and serves as a satisfaction research and retention partner for the multifamily industry. SatisFacts offers a suite of powerful Resident Relationship Management Services including overall performance assessment programs, the Insite 24/7 customer service feedback system, as well as the tools and support needed to help clients significantly enhance performance by reducing costly, controllable turnover. The Insite Move-In, Work Order Follow Up, Pre-Renewal, In-Touch and Unclosed Traffic programs are a cost effective, 24/7, 365 day/year customer service safety net.

Property Solutions president Ben Zimmer stated, "This was a very logical alliance for us. Both firms specialize in bringing robust, state-of-the-art systems intended to dramatically enhance communications between residents, prospects and the community staff - with the end result being enhanced performance. We wanted our portals to be able to offer the most robust feedback system. Being able to incorporate SatisFacts Insite product line into our portal systems offers several benefits to our clients and their residents. Given our commitment to excellence, that meant we needed to align ourselves with the best-of-breed satisfaction feedback provider in multifamily. That choice was clearly SatisFacts. Much more than offering a quality product, they are as passionate as we are about delivering value and service, and creating partnerships with their clients. That plus their nationally recognized brand and well established integrity made the decision easy for us."

Doug Miller, president and founder of SatisFacts, added, "Property Solutions is the premier player in a critical space within the multifamily industry. Our research has shown the immense retention and marketing value of a comprehensive property online strategy. Both residents and prospective residents want what all of us desire - access to service 24/7. Residents want to be able to submit service requests, pay rent and reach out to the office staff--when they want to. Prospects likewise want to be able to shop--when they want to. Property Solutions is the tier one provider in this critical space, with a product that provides all of the functionality needed, created and managed expertly, and backed up by a company-wide culture of providing outstanding service. Our products mesh beautifully, we both are focused on opening the doors of communication between properties and their customers, both of us are driven to provide the finest service possible, and our core values are beyond comparable. We are very excited about this marriage."

Property Solutions product suite consists of Resident Portal, Resident Pay and Prospect Portal tools, all of which enhance the ability for properties to offer unsurpassed communication and online services to both residents and prospects. For more information, contact Ben Zimmer, President, Property Solutions International, O: 877.826.9700 x503, E: [email protected], W: www.propertysolutions.com.

SatisFacts offers Annual Resident Satisfaction Surveys, Insite Online Touchpoint Feedback Programs, Takeover and Red Flag Property Surveys, Education Programs, Custom Studies, Consulting Services as well as Employee, Owner / Client, and Association Member Satisfaction Surveys,. For additional information, contact Doug Miller, President, SatisFacts Research, O: 866.655.1490 x100, C: 410.598.1400, E: [email protected], W: www.satisfacts.com.

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