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Multi-Housing News
December 1 2003

Property Management Systems

Following is a guide to the leading software and online service companies in the multi-housing industry. The information was provided by each company and does not reflect any editorial endorsement from MHN.

Property Solutions International Inc.
522 South 100 West, Provo, UT 84601
801.705.4873 FAX

Key M-H Contact: Benjamin Zimmer, Business Development

Name of Flagship M-H Software: Vantage XP

Software's Key Functionalities/Modules:

Management Module: Complete resident management software Marketing Module: Lead follow-up, statistical tracking, search-engine optimization Maintenance Module: Telephone and online work order submission Web Site Generation System: Editor, virtual tours, interactive maps (Patent Pending) Payment System: Credit card, e-check, automatic posting to rent roll Email System: Free resident email accounts, scheduled rent reminders, newsletters Application System: Online, real-time apartment reservation (Patent Pending) Credit Check System: Credit retrieval software, integrates with online applications Data Export System: Payment data export to accounting software Vacancy Posting System: Real-time vacancy posting to Vacancy.com

Performance Edge: Online vacancy posting, lead follow-up, statistical tracking, search-engine optimization and resident-referral systems are available.

Ease of Use: User-friendly wizards make software easy to learn.

Web Site Integration with Software: Vantage XP supports online applications, online payments, online work orders and event calendars. Seamless integration exists between Web sites and management software.

Total Number of Units Software is Used to Manage: The new software is primarily being marketed to management companies with 100 to 5,000 units.

Software Deployment/Delivery Options: ASP

Implementation Advantage: Property Solutions boasts a six-step implementation process (impact study, module selection, on-site training, Web site development, phase implementation and data migration). Property Solutions also has the capacity to build custom modules for companies with 3,000+ units.

Training/Support Advantage: Free, unlimited telephone support 16 hours per day. Customers rarely need support because Vantage XP Software is extremely easy to both learn and use. Property Solutions guarantees continued support to previous versions of the software.

Key Technology Partners: QuickBooks, Quicken, Excel, Zip Reports and Crystal Reports.

Client Testimonial: "Property Solutions has finally introduced software that will not only automate rent collection, work-order handling and application processing, but also will help you kick-start your marketing effectiveness both on and off-line. I think technology is finally catching up with our industry."

-David Freeman, President & CEO
Glenwood Intermountain Properties Inc.

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